Air Conditioner Noise Reduction: Make Your Noisy AC Quiet

Air conditioner noise reduction involves a series of steps that you can implement with ease.

I’ve always recommended simple and easy to implement soundproofing hacks. (Source)

Air conditioners play a very important roles in our homes in the summer. While they may not be as noisy as your lawnmower, they can be annoying when you need ultimate silence.

A noisy AC unit can also become a nuisance to your neighbors as well.

But it’s worth mentioning that newer models are well insulated and produce less noise than traditional ones.

While you can opt for a quiet air conditioner like Haier ESAQ406T 22″ Window Air Conditioner, there are other hacks you can try to make your old noisy AC quiet.

Air Conditioner Noise Reduction DIY Techniques

Below are simple air conditioner noise reduction techniques you can implement right now to make your AC quiet as library. Let’s get started.

1. Cover with Soundproofing Blankets

The easiest way you can reduce the noise coming from your air conditioner is by covering it with layers of blankets.

The idea is to put layers of material that blocks noise so that by the time it reaches your ears, it has reduced significantly.

Soundproofing blanket’s material consists of either polyester or fiberglass, which absorb noise from the source.

The blankest is mostly used in recording studios and to make a home quite.

Soundproofing blankets like Brinmar SBUHD Universal-Fit Air Conditioner Sound Blanket is designed specifically for noise reduction.

The blanket is cheap, easy to install, and it doesn’t affect the compressor’s performance.

It is also made of fiberglass and a thicker layer of rubber, which absorbs the compressor noise.

The process involves covering the compressor, which is the biggest culprit of noise production.

Attach the blankets using the hooks and loop closure that comes with it.

However, just like any other noise reduction product, the acoustic blanket will not cut out all the noise. In fact, its reduction rate is 40%.

Before purchasing a soundproofing blanket, always consider the model of the air conditioner if not buy a universal sound blanket.

If you don’t want to hear any noise, you should consider other means of noise reduction in addition to soundproofing blankets.

2. Fence the Air conditioner

Another easy way of minimizing noise from your air conditioner is through fencing. The process involves creating a barrier between you and the air conditioner.

Any material works well; however, you need to build a four-sided fence to avoid reverberation experienced in a two-sided fence.

You can also create a fence made of vegetation that is at least two feet from each other.

The distance will prevent the impact of noise created when air conditioner sound hits the greenery.

You can also consider a bamboo fence.

Bamboo wood is much stronger, unlike other wood, and much effective at minimizing noise as a fence.

Bamboo wood can be fenced together to achieve a compact design.

strong wire is used to tire the sticks together for effectiveness.

When installing the fence, don’t place it too close to the air conditioner for easier air circulation.

Mass loaded vinyl is also much effective at noise reduction when used as a fence because of the vinyl material—the material like also quite dense and heavy for noise absorption.

Mass loaded vinyl-like TMS Mass Loaded Vinyl covers any type of fence.

3. Consider Where You Place the Air Conditioner

The location of your air conditioner will determine the amount of noise emitted by the appliance.

If you place it on an unsteady surface, the appliance will produce vibrations that are uncomfortable to deal with.

A proper place for the air conditioner is the ground or attaching it on the walls.

A steadier ground reduces the noise level to a bearable degree.

The ground doesn’t mean on the soil or grass; you can build one out of the available materials.

Also, don’t place it on reflective surfaces or even corners in the house because they will double the amount of noise.

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4. Create Distance

Create a significant distance between your home and the air conditioner.

If you place it near a window or your living room or bedroom, you will definitely hear too many noises.

A proper place is near the front of the home but away from people’s lounging area.

You can also place it at the back of the house but much further from home.

5. Conduct Regular Maintenance

Damages or clogged ducts in your air conditioner may also be the cause of noisy appliances.

For this reason, you should conduct regular maintenance to ensure you don’t miss the signs.

The good thing is that you don’t have to involve a professional unless necessary.

Always check them the drain and coils for clogging.

Accumulated dirt and dust are mostly the cause of clogged filters, especially if the conditioner is located outside.

A blocked drain and coil can interfere with the airflow and course a horse noise that is hard to deal with.

You can clean the filters and drains or even change them if they are damaged. If the damage is beyond your knowledge, you can call a professional to help with the repair.

If the conditioner is not reparable, then its time you considered purchasing a new, improved conditioner.

There are those that are more updated and don’t produce too much noise like the LG LW6017R 6,000 BTU 115V Window Air Conditioner

Also, when shopping, consider the model of the air conditioner. Some models are of low quality, which makes them prone to damage.

 Air Conditioner Noise Reduction air conditioner noise reduction blanket how to reduce noise from inside air conditioner window air conditioner noise reduction soundproof air conditioner compressor how to reduce air cooler noise sound barrier wall around air conditioning unit quiet fence neighbors noisy air conditioner

6. Soundproof Your Home

If your air conditioner is located outside, there are ways you can minimize the noise from getting into your home.

Ways like soundproofing ceiling, walls, , windows, and doors can significantly minimize the noise.

You can use acoustic blankets to soundproof your walls, windows, and doors.

You can also use acoustic curtains like Moondream 3-in-1 Sound Insulation Curtain.

The curtain is made of noise cancellation technology that absorbs noise generated by the air conditioner.

You can also install a layer of drywall in your home; this will also block the noise.

Other ways include, installing soundproof mats on the floors.

If you are worried about finances, you don’t have to soundproof the whole house but the rooms near the air conditioner.

7. Minimize the Noise from Dripping Water

If the sound of the dripping water annoys you, consider the ways you can cancel out the noise.

One of which includes, using a hosepipe and a water bottle.

Attach the extra hose pipe to the conditioner’s pipe then tie the bottle on the end of the pipe.

The dripping water will fall inside of the bottle instead of the ground.

This will significantly reduce the dripping noise and restore your sanity.

Final thoughts on Air Conditioner Noise Reduction

Above are some of the best air conditioner noise reduction techniques that are easy and simple to implement.

In most cases, you’ll get the job done by simply building a fence or using some acoustic soundproofing blankets.

Fortunately, these hacks are quite inexpensive and will only take a few hours to implement and some will take only a few minutes.

Building a fence may prove to be a tough task.

However, when done right, you’ll be able to deal with up to 98% of the noise problem.


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