Best Low Profile Box Spring:

The best low-profile box spring will give you the comfort and durability of a traditional bed.

Regular box spring measures 9 inches while low profile box springs are generally no thicker than 5.5 inches and, at times, can be as thin 4 inches.

The main different between a low-profile box spring and regular box spring is the height difference.

Low-Profile box springs offer the same amount of protection and support as a regular one.

There are three main functions of box spring: raise mattress height, making it easy to get in and out of your bed, reduce wear on the mattress and absorb shock.

Below is a guide of the best profile box springs.

What Is the Best Low-Profile Box Spring?

The most recommended low-profile box spring it’s the Zinus Jayanna 4-inch Bifold Box Spring.

Constructed from steel, it’s suitable for any mattress or bed frame, though some thickness can be better than others.

It’s available in five different sizes- California king, king, queen, full, and twin.

This mattress foundation compresses for easy transport and storage.

It’s designed to resemble a traditional box but made of high-quality steel for durability.

The assembly process takes less than 5 minutes. Slide the foundation out and then unfold, and the unit will open to the shape of a box spring.

The 4-inch height makes it perfect even for higher profile mattresses.

A-List of Best Low-Profile Box Springs Reviews

Below is my honest review of the most popular low-profile box springs you can get on the market today.

They are efficient, affordable, and durable. Let’s get started:

1. Classic Brands 123001-5050 Instant Foundation Low Profile 4-Inch Box-Spring

Best Low Profile Box Spring

This product is sold as a replacement box spring with a 4.75 inches space between each slat.

It’s available in seven different sizes, and hence you’ll find one that matches the size of your mattress.

The best part is that it’s available in four different styles- high profile meta or wood and low-profile metal or wood.

It’s a low-cost replacement solution that’s easy to assemble and provides sufficient support for today’s high-profile mattresses.

It’s strong enough to support heavier mattresses including latex and memory foam mattresses.

It helps prevent mattress sagging hence increasing its longevity without voiding the warranty.

The box spring is made of high-quality, durable material, it’s noise-free and allows easy access for those who may experience difficulties getting onto a higher bed.

The only downside with this product is that: you can’t use it with a memory foam mattress because the spacing between the slats is over 3 inches.

However, if you’re handy enough, you can make some modifications.

2. Zinus Edgar 4 Inch Low Profile Wood Box Spring

Best Low Profile Box Spring

Unlike the Zinus Jayanna above, this product is constructed of wood and measures 4 inches making great for high profile mattresses.

The distance between the slats is 3 inches and hence can be used with a memory foam mattress.

The foam padding fitted around the edges makes it noise-free, and assembly takes less than 30 minutes.

Unfortunately, the size selection for this product is fairly limited, with the only king, queen, full, and twin sizes available.

You get a 5-year warranty with this box spring.

The benefit of using a wooden slat foundation over metal ones is that the wooden slats are closer together than metal ones.

For this reason, your memory foam mattress won’t sag between the slats of the wooden frame because of this factor.

The combined weight limit for this product is 500lbs, excluding mattress weight when you use it with a bed frame.

3. Zinus Victor 4 Inch Low Profile Quick Lock Smart Box Spring

Best Low Profile Box Spring

If you want a box spring that can double as a bed frame (especially for those who prefer low profile bed frames), then the Zinus Victor is an incredible pick for you.

It’s a strong and sturdy box spring with less than a 3-inch space between the slats.

This factor makes this product ideal for use in memory foam mattresses without the risk of voiding the warranty.

Its compact packaging allows for easier transportation in very tight interior spaces such as hallways and stairs.

This model is available in king, queen, full, and twin sizes.

It features a steel frame construction that provides enough support, a feature highly glorified by customers who have accumulated extra pounds of weight.

This unit is also highly recommended for people with special needs, especially when used as a bed frame with a low-profile mattress.

4. Lifetime sleep products 4″ Low Profile Box Spring Great for Memory Foam Mattress

Best Low Profile Box Spring

A low-profile box spring is a perfect solution for people who’ve had a rough time crawling in or out of their high-profile beds.

This Lifetime Sleep product boasts a 4-inch tall foundation making it super easy to get in and out of bed.

While the slats are spaced apart than you’d like, it’ll work with most mattresses.

The assembly of this box spring is easy, and you can set it up single-handedly in less than an hour.

You get free shipping, and hence you won’t have to worry about the delivery process.

The design of this product allows it to fits in stairs, hallways, elevators, and hence you can use it in townhouses, condos, and in spaces where fully-assembled box springs cannot fit.

Some advantages of using this box spring are: its low profile makes it perfect for the thick mattress and, at the same time, makes getting in and out of bed much easier- highly recommended for those with special needs.

It’s a premium mattress foundation that can accommodate heavier memory foam mattress without damage.

It can also be used with innerspring and latex mattresses.

Unfortunately, the slats widely spaced- under 5 inches apart.

However, these slats are ¼ inches thick and ¾ inches wide, and there are plenty of them making this unit a solid foundation that won’t squeak even after years of use.

5. Continental Sleep Comfort Bedding Low Profile 4-inch Mattress Foundation Box Spring

Best Low Profile Box Spring

The Continental Sleep Comfort box spring is made of strong and sturdy wooden material.

The light yet dense wooden material prevents the box from loosening up or cracking hence keeping the mattress in perfect shape. It works with all mattress types.

The best part is that no assembly is required as the unit is shipped fully assembled and ready to use.

This unit will look even great with high profile mattresses.

The available sizes for this unit include California king, king, queen, full, full XL, twin XL, and twin.

Best Low-Profile Box Spring Buyer Guide

Before buying a low-profile box spring, there are factors that you should take into consideration to ensure you get the right product that meets your specific needs.

Below are the most important factors to consider.


With different types of mattresses available, finding the right box spring requires you to consider the types of mattress you have.

Below are the types of box springs available on the market.

Standard box spring: they come in one piece that’s the same size as your mattress.

They cannot be bent or folded, and for this reason, you will need a lot of space to maneuver through stairs and doorways.

Split box spring: comes in two halves. If you live in small-spaced apartments, you will appreciate having one of these box springs.

They are easy to maneuver through stairs and doorways.

Unfortunately, a split box frame adds extra weight to the center of your bed.

Therefore, you should make sure your bed frame is strong enough to support it.

(Here is a guide on the Best Bed Frames for overweight person)


Traditional box springs were made of wood fitted with metal coils. Modern box frames vary.

Some have frames made of steel or other metals.

However, it’s important to note that the fact that a bed frame is metallic doesn’t mean it’s more durable or better.

Excess weight can bend or break a metallic box frame.

Many box springs don’t have coils as their older counterparts.

Modern types include some fort of wire grid or solid surface.

Box frames are often enclosed in a protective fabric to shield them from dust and dirt.

If you’re highly allergic, consider one with a cover made of hypoallergenic material.

The fabric material will help keep pet hair, dust, and other allergens from gathering in the box frame.

If you love organic products, consider a box spring with organic cover.

Most people consider organic fabric because this material undergoes fewer pesticide treatments and less exposure to toxic chemicals.


Your budget will ultimately determine the type of box spring you’ll get.

With less than $100, you can get an affordable standard or split box springs.

These are often all-wooden frame with slats across the top.

At this price range, you can get steel-frame box spring, but the chances are that it won’t last for long.

If you need a decent low-profile box spring, a budget of above $100 is pretty decent enough.

It’s important to note that you may have to spend up to $1000 to get the best box spring.

The Best Mattresses for Low-Profile Box Springs

Below are some of the recommended mattress to pair with your newly found low profile box spring foundation.

Zinus Memory Foam 12 Inch Green Tea Mattress

Best Low Profile Box Spring

This green tea infused memory foam is excellent for pressure-relieving support allowing you to have a peaceful goodnight sleep.

It’s CertiPUR US Certified for performance, durability, and content.

The mattress boasts 2 inches Comfort Foam, 3 inches Memory Foam, and 7 inches high-density base support foam.

TUFT & NEEDLE mattress

Best Low Profile Box Spring

This mattress is available in six shape sizes, and therefore you’ll find one that matches the size of your box spring.

Tuft and Needle is one of the best rated and trusted brands in the US. It’s made of premium foam that’s not hard to sink in.

It’s Certi PUR and Greenguard Gold certified; hence you’re assured of quality and durability.

Perfect Cloud Supreme 8-inch Memory Foam Mattress

Best Low Profile Box Spring

The Perfect Cloud offers a whooping 2.5 inches layer of airflow memory foam, which can be compared to the best hotel bed.

It also boasts a 5.5 inches thick base for maximum support and comfort.

In addition, this mattress features an elegant and comfortable cover that matches the color of any bed frame.

The manufacturers offer a 30-day trial, after which you can return if not satisfied.  You also get a 10-year warranty.

Final Thoughts on Low Profile Box Springs

Above are some of the best low-profile box spring available on the market today.

However, it’s important to get one that matches your needs without breaking the bank.

Do you have something you’ve tried that are not included in this guide? Please let me know in the comment section down below, and I’ll be happy to respond.

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