Ceiling Fan Making Clicking Noise: How to Fix It

Is your ceiling fan making clicking noise?

Well, don’t worry in this guide we are going to discuss different techniques on how you can make the sound go away just like we did in the previous article on quieting a PS4 loud fan.

Ceiling fans are handy tools, especially during the hot days of summer.

In fact, fans are more natural, healthy and don’t leave an unpleasant smell.

According to an article published on Florida Solar Energy Center, ceiling fans are much economical and energy saving compared to air conditioners. (Source)

Below is a detailed guide on how you can quiet a noisy fan in simple DIY fixes.

Ways on How to Fix A Ceiling Fan Making Clicking Noise

If you’re a DIY yourself enthusiast, just don’t want to involve a professional or on a budget to get a new quiet ceiling fan, then I have compiled this guide to help you fix the noise problem.

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1. Make Sure the Blades Are Clean

Your ceiling fan may be making clicking noise due to dirty blades.

After a long time of use, the fan blades will gather dust and dirt, which will pile up and cause a clicking noise.

Therefore, you must clean them from time to time.

When cleaning, ensure you use a clean microfiber towel.

It should be dump enough to remove the sticky dirt.

After that, wipe them off using an all-purpose cleaner and be gentle when you do that.

Also, make sure you clean the canopy area and the down rod.

After cleaning, turn the fan. If the cause of the clicking noise was dirt, then the fan will be quiet.

Remember to always switch off the power when dealing with electronics. Your safety is paramount.

2. Inspect the Blades and Tighten Them

After cleaning the blades, check whether they are tightly fitted in place.

Just like quiet window fans, when the blades are loosely attached, they are bound to make noises.

A loose blade is also dangerous to the people using it; it might fall off and injure you.

You can wiggle them to check whether they are loose.

If they are loose, you need to fix them, and the process is pretty simple. Start by:

Loosening all the screws on the cover of the canopy to expose the mounting bracket.

Once on both the mounting bracket and the outlet box, tighten the screws, even those that are not loose.

Properly secure the blades to the blade holders and then adjust any blades that are bent. All the blades have the same distance from the ceiling.

Once you are through, turn on the fan and check whether the wobbling has stopped.

Ceiling Fan Making Clicking Noise

3. Check the Bulbs on the Fan

If your fan has a bulb on, you need to check whether they are properly attached. A loose bulb could also be the source of the clicking noise.

Inspect the area where the bulb is attached and check for loose screws. Loose bulbs produce an annoying sound.

Use a screwdriver to tighten them, and you will notice a difference.

4. Check the Motor Fan

Check the motor fan for any damages due to friction. Friction can cause wear and tear, which can, in turn, produce annoying sounds.

Usually, a fan motor should be well lubricated when the grease dries up due to continued use, the fan may struggle to spin. Therefore, you should ensure you apply a lubricant once in a while.

Make sure as you apply the lubricant, that it gets to the fan’s bearing. But if most of the fan parts need to be lubricated, you may have to remove each individual part as you lubricate them.

5. Check the Balancing of the Blades

If the blades are not correctly balanced, then that could be the cause of the clicking noise. Besides the sound, you will notice the fan wobbling.

Any misalignment on the blades will create annoying noise. If you have cleaned and fixed the loose screws on the fan blades, then balancing them shouldn’t be a problem.

The process is even easier even for an amateur; you only need to get the necessary tools, and you are good to go. Start by getting the balancing kits from the store, or you can purchase it online, whichever works for you.

Then on each blade, slide the balancing clip between the holder and the tip and check which blade is shaking. Move the blade slowly from the center until you reach a point where there is no shaking in any of them.

Attach the balancing on top of the blade right in the center and ensure it is in line with the install clip.

As a final step, run the ceiling fan to check if the noise is still there. If unbalanced blades were the issue, you wouldn’t hear the noise anymore.

6. Inspect the Attachment on the Ceiling

Sometimes the clicking noise from your ceiling fan may be due to loose attachment on the ceiling. You need to inspect the ceiling to ensure there is no such problem

However, if it’s not properly attached, you may need to tighten the screws not only to minimize the noise but also to prevent accidents. Start by:

Switching off the connection to keep yourself safe. You need to read the safety rules that came with the fan.

Ensure you also have all the installation tools at hand to make your work easier.

The tools include voltage tester, pliers, electricians’ tape, ladder, safety glasses, screwdrivers, strippers, and crescent wrench.

Turn of the power connection.

Climb up the ladder to the fan, or you can uninstall it from the ceiling then inspect it. Whichever way you choose, make sure you are careful not to fall.

Check the ceiling box and the hanger for any looseness. Ensure you screw them in place in case they are loose.

Also, make sure all the fan parts are correctly attached to the ceiling box. If not, screw the loose parts.

Finally, when everything is okay, turn on the fan, if the problem was the ceiling connection, you wouldn’t hear any noise.

7. Ask for a Professional’s Help

If you have tried all possible options and failed to fix the clicking noise from the fan, then you should ask for help. A professional is in a better position of fixing the clicking noise from your fan.

A professional will also advise you on what to do when a fan develops problems in future.

These hacks are as simple as soundproofing a basement ceiling

8. Purchase a New Quiet Ceiling Fan

If you don’t have time to fix the problem or fixing it is more expensive than a new fan, then you should consider purchasing a new one or alternatively get a quiet desk fan for the time being.

It’s upon you to weigh all the benefits then make an informed decision in buying a new one.

You will actually be saving yourself the nightmare of dealing with a faulty fan.

An excellent example of a ceiling fan you can purchase is Hunter Indoor Ceiling.

It is highly rated on amazon and has the best features you can get on a fan.

On Ceiling Fan Making Clicking Noise

A ceiling fan making clicking noise can be quite irritating.

Fortunately, above are some of the best DIY methods you can implement right now to fix the problem.

Like any other appliance or gadget in your home, you should regularly inspect and perform a maintenance check to ensure that the ceiling fan never produces any sort of noise.


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