Gas Oven Sounds Like A Blowtorch : Causes and Quick Fixes

In case your gas oven sounds like a blowtorch, you’ve landed on the correct webpage as you’ll learn different quick fixes.

Below are some of the most recommended DIY hacks to help you deal with the situation once and for good.

Gas ovens have become popular in recent years- and even with their popularity, there have been some major concerns. (Source)

One of the major problems with these products is the noise problem.

Below are some of the causes and ways to fix the noise problem.

Gas Oven Sounds Like a Blowtorch Causes and Quick Fixes

While there are a variety of common problems with gas ovens- including a gas burner that won’t light, doors that won’t shut, we are only going to discuss the causes of the noise problem and different fixes.

1. Damaged Igniter

In modern ovens, the ignitor opens the gas valve and ignites the gas.

When the igniter is not working properly, there will not be enough gas to start the oven.

Once the igniter gets damaged, it cannot be replaced.

You have to find a replacement that will match your gas oven.

On the bright side, replacing an igniter is easy, so it is unnecessary to engage a professional.

However, it is good to be sure that the damaged igniter is the reason why your gas oven sounds like a blowtorch.

To properly diagnose the problem, turn the oven on and wait a few seconds.

If the igniter is still working properly, you will see a bright glow inside the oven.

With a broken ignitor, it will be impossible for the gas to get into the oven.

This means that no glow will be present even when the oven is on.

A weak glow signifies a dirty igniter.

You can use a toothbrush to remove food debris and stubborn dirt that could be hindering the free flow of gas to the oven.

When you go shopping for a replacement, have the oven model in mind.

You can also contact the oven manufacturer and see whether they can mail the right replacement to your doorstep.

2. Misaligned Ignition

You may also hear the blowtorch noise if the oven ignition is not aligned correctly.

If the noise doesn’t happen all the time, you could deal with a misalignment problem.

The best move, in this case, is to call a professional to check the ignition.

Unless you know your way around gas ovens, you will have a hard time resolving this problem.

If you have recently installed the gas oven, get in touch with the installers and explain your problem.

In most cases, they will send a professional to check the oven and make the necessary adjustments without charging you if the misalignment was an oversight on their part.

3. Faulty FSD

The Flame Supervisory Device, or FSD in short, works to cut off the fuel supply when the flame is out or unstable.

If the FSD doesn’t open fully when you switch the oven on, the amount of gas getting in will be limited.

Ignition will be delayed because the oven is starved off-gas, and a blowtorch noise may occur.

Gas Oven Sounds Like A Blowtorch

Just like in the case of misaligned ignition, diagnosing an FSD problem is not easy.

The oven will need to be opened up, so it is wise to let a professional handle the problem.

4. Faulty Regulator Valve

Regulator valves are also known to cause blowtorch noises.

If the regulator is not working properly, too much gas pressure may be getting into the oven hence the noise.

Let a professional check and replace the regulator valve if it is faulty.

It is also possible that the valve is just misaligned, and adjusting it will take care of the problem.

5. Gas Pressure

If the blowtorch noise is not resolved even after installing a new regulator valve, you need to check on the gas pressure.

Low gas pressure is a common problem in homes that heavily rely on natural gas.

If you have a gas gauge in your line, check it to see if the pressure is okay.

You can also reach out to the gas service provider and get an accurate reading of your current gas pressure.

With a quality regulator valve, it is rare to have gas pressure problems.

A professional can advise on the best brand that is sure to resolve any gas pressure issues.

More Gas Oven Noises, Causes and How to Fix

There are other unusual noises that you may hear coming from your gas oven.

These include:

Gas Oven Sounds Like A Blowtorch

a) Roaring Sounds

These occur when the gas getting into the oven is too much.

Use the regulator valve to adjust the amount and check the recommended amount for your gas oven.

It is also possible that the venturi tube is letting in a lot of secondary air.

Use the air shutter to reduce the secondary air getting into the burner.

While adjusting the secondary air supply, be careful not to close the air shutter too much as this may cause yellow tips.

b) Whooshing Sound

You will often hear this sound when the glow bar ignites after turning on the oven.

A mini explosion normally follows the whooshing sound.

Get the glow bar ignitor replaced if you encounter this problem.

As with other replacement parts, you need to ensure that you get the right match for your oven model.

c) Popping Sound

Popping sounds normally arise when the burner cap is misaligned.

The sounds may also occur when there is liquid in the burner or cap, or dirt is blocking the orifices.

In some gas ovens, a damaged igniter wire or igniter may cause the popping sound.

Other problems that present the same sound include blocked injector nipple, leakage in the connections, and damaged gasket.

d) Booming Sound

Your gas oven will produce a booming sound if there is delayed ignition.

This problem is notable during pre-heating.

The delayed ignition could be caused by accumulated grime, dirt, and grease on the ignitor. Give these parts a thorough clean and make a point of cleaning them every time you use the oven to prevent a buildup.

e) Puffing Sound and Clicking Noise

The oven will produce some puffing noise if there is too much gas in the bake burner before ignition.

This only happens if the gas valve is not working properly.

Have a faulty gas valve replaced or let a professional check whether it is aligned properly.

In most instances, a clicking noise is nothing to be concerned about.

Even if the gas oven continues to click after shutting off the gas, you should not be as worried.

The gas burner may be misaligned hence the sound.

It is also possible that moisture in the burner, possibly after a spill, or food debris are blocking the ignitor.

Once the burner cap is realigned and the cooktop is cleaned, the popping sound should disappear.

If it doesn’t, the spark module, ignition switch, or ignitor are faulty and need replacement.

On Gas Oven Sounds Like a Blowtorch

If your gas oven sounds like a blowtorch, then you can implement above quick fixes to help get rid of the noise problem.

Some of these hacks are quite simple and can be implemented on your own.

However, if you feel that the info it’s a bit too technical for you, then you’re are better off with a professional.


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