How to Break A Window Silently in 7 Different Ways

In this guide, I’m going to demonstrate different methods on how to break a window silently.

An article published on Consumer Reports website shows that anyone could forget their kids in hot cars. (Source)

But what happens when you find yourself in such situations? Or probably lock your car keys inside your car?

Well, while it’s advisable to call the cops, every second matters a lot and you won’t have all the times to wait for the cops to arrive.

You will need to act fast to save your kids, pets or retrieve your car keys. Also read: Cheap Sound Absorbing Materials: Top 7 Inexpensive Noise Reduction

For this reason, you will need to know how to break the car window/glass quietly and silently.

Below is a detailed guide on how to achieve precisely that.

Different Ways on How to Break A Window Silently

In order to break a window silently, you will need tools such as a spark plug, stainless steel automatic center punch and household items.

1. Use a Spark Plug

You have probably heard of a spark plug, and its used in transmitting sparks to the combustion chamber from the ignition.

What you don’t know is that it is also used to break a glass window or any glass silently.

In spite of its small size, the object is much effective at breaking a window.

The spark plug has a ceramic piece that is used to break glass without attracting any attention.

When you first hit the tempered glass, it will crack then break on the second hit. However, if you want to break it entirely on the first hit, target the corners of the window.

The tempered glass is hard to break, but it also has the capability of breaking into tiny pieces.

This is because the outer part cools off rapidly during construction, thereby compressing the inner parts.

The tension created by the outside glass makes it easier for the glass to shatter to pieces when hit by the spark plug.

The spark plug provides the strength that other objects do not have.

You can discretely break the glass even when you are stuck inside a car or when locked out of your own house.

2. Try Some Basic Household Tools

You may not be aware of this, but it is possible to break a window with the essential tools in your home. You should not panic or call for help when you can easily break a window in an emergency.

Some of the household items that you can use include duct tape, pillows, and blankets. If you are in an emergency, this is how you should break the glass window:

First, start by covering the entire window with the duct tape. The tape helps in holding the glass pieces together, so they don’t scatter on the floor.

The tape also helps in minimizing impact noise caused when hitting the window with a hammer.

The next step should be placing the blanket below the window. This ensures that in case any shattered glass falls from the duct tape, it lands silently on the floor.

Finally, before breaking the glass, place a pillow against the window then use a hammer to hit is hard.

The pillow will absorb any noise produced by the glass.

3. Use an Emergency Hammer

An emergency hammer is an important tool that everyone should possess. The tool comes in handy when you are stuck in a place where the only escape is through the window.

An emergency hammer breaks the window silently even when you want to be discrete.

How to Break A Window Silently

The hammer has a metallic tip while the handle is made of plastic, which gives you a comfortable grip.

The hammer is mostly used to break a car’s tempered glass in the event of a crash. This is because most times, the door might be hard to open for a rescue operation.

You can get the hammer on most stores in different sizes and shapes. But they all serve for the same purpose.

You can even get a hammer that comes with a seatbelt cutter. An example is OMORC 2 Pack Car Safety Hammer.

An emergency hammer is a great tool that should be close to your reach.

4. Try and EMT Device

An EMT device is also a useful object to use when you are trying to break a window without attracting so much attention.

The device is mostly a professional’s tool for breaking a car’s window.

However, you can comfortably use it to break any other type of window. A good example of an EMT device is Window Punch Police EMS Emergency Car Glass Breaker.

Before breaking the window, you need to cover the glass with duct tape to hold the shattered pieces together.

You need to hit the center of the glass.

If you don’t want the noise that comes with shattered glasses hitting the floor, place a blanket below the window.

An EMT device is quite affordable if you are worried about the budget.

5. Consider an Automatic Steel Center Punch Tool

An Automated Steel Center Punch Tool is also another tool you should consider when you want to break a window silently.

The tool is common among plumbers and carpenters because of its effectiveness at drilling.

The steel center punch produces a dimple in a glass. When breaking glass, the tool releases energy informs of an impulse from the spring.How to Break A Window Silently

This energy reaches the glass in the form of repeated impulses that are strong enough to break a glass in pieces.

Consider Lisle 30280 Pocket Clip Automatic Centre Punch when shopping for something to silently break a window. The tool is quite affordable and easily available in most hardware stores.

You can also get an electric center punch, which is much effective and easy to use.

6. Try Porcelain Bits

If you are stuck in an emergency situation without any other tool near you, Porcelain Bits will come in handy.

When trying to break the window, stand at a distance away from the window. Then throw the porcelain bits towards the window.

The bits will smash the window in pieces without attracting people’s attention.

7. Use the Regular Hammer

Have you tried to use a regular hammer to break a window but failed? Well, the reason is you hit the glass in the middle.

If you are stuck in a building with double glazed windows, the trick to escaping is hitting the corners with a hammer.

Hitting with a heavy object will only break the first window. This will leave the second window to deal with, which is not ideal.

To prevent that situation, trying hitting the corners of the window using the hammer, followed by the center.

Hitting the corners first weakens the glass enough for you to break it with the center blow.

A good example of a regular hammer is TEKTON 3003 Fiberglass Handle Rubber Mallet. The tool has a good grip and is also quite affordable.

Always remember to cover yourself with protective equipment before breaking a window or any type of glass.

Also, remember to keep those around you at a further distance to prevent any injuries.



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