How To Chew Quieter: 9 Methods for Kids and Adult

Want to know how to chew quieter? Loud chewing can be off-putting even if it comes naturally to you.

It is also uncomfortable to hear yourself chew as you wonder how everyone else manages to chew quietly.

Things get even worse if you are the one who can’t stand the chewing.

Is there any way you can convince your children and those around you to chew quietly?

Below, we highlight a few tips to follow to reduce the noise when chewing.

We will also go over the foods that loud chewers need to avoid eating in public.

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How To Get Kids To Chew Quieter

Chewing quieter applies to both kids and adults.  If you have kids and want to simply teach them how eat with manners, below are some tips to help you out. (Original)

Teach Them How To Eat Slowly

No matter how delicious the food is, tell your kids to eat it slowly.

how to chew quietly quieter

They will enjoy their food much more this way.

They need to chew each bite slowly and swallow it first before taking another one.

Stuffing their face with food not only makes them look gluttonous but also forces them to chew loudly.

Eating slowly also comes with other benefits like enhanced food enjoyment and reduced chances of choking for the young ones.

Since children learn fast, it is easy to teach them to eat slowly.

Just be persistent and keep on reminding them to slow their speed, and this will soon become the norm.

Insist that they should always eat with their mouth shut

Keeping the mouth shut while eating is top among the important table manners everyone should learn.

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Let your kids know that there should be no talking when chewing.

Chewing with the mouth shut tremendously reduces the noise.

When coupled with a reduced speed while eating, the noise will barely be noticeable.

how to chew quietly quieter

Cut Their Food Into Small Pieces

It is easier for your kids to take small bites if their food is cut into small pieces.

Even for foods that have to be cooked whole, ensure that you cut them up into small bite-sized pieces when serving them.

With just a small bite of food in the mouth, it will be unnecessary to open the mouth wide while eating. This can only result in quieter chewing.

Focus On Eating

It’s normal for kids to be distracted every few minutes, and this includes during mealtime.

However, you should try and encourage them to only focus on eating while at the dinner table.

Have a no gadgets rule during meals to minimize distractions.

When your children get distracted, could you encourage them to change their focus?

When focused on their food, children are less likely to chew loudly than when they are absent-minded.

Avoid Other Noises

Your children will unconsciously chew loudly if there is some music blasting in the background.

It would be best if you made a habit of reducing or eliminating other noises during mealtime.

This will increase your kids’ focus on the food, and mealtime will also become much shorter and quieter.

Tell Them To Stay Away From Crunchy Food

It may be a bit too much to restrict crunchy food at home, but you can tell your children to stay away from such foods while at parties.

If the sound of your kids chewing those crunchy carrots makes your skin crawl, you can also choose to blend them and incorporate them into smoothies and other meals.

This way, your kids still get to enjoy the health benefits of these crunchy vegetables, and you get to maintain your sanity.

For the crunchy snacks and cereals, you can try and stay in another room as your children enjoy them.

You can also put on your earphones so that you don’t get annoyed by the loud noises.

How To Convince Someone To Chew Quieter

If you are misophonic, you are aware of how crippling this condition can be.

Instead of avoiding people you care about, you can always try and convince them to chew quieter.

However, this can be hard if the person in question is a colleague, friend, or anyone else not related to you.

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If you often find yourself in the company of such a person, it is only fair to let them know that their chewing bothers you.

So, how do you do this without coming off as rude?

Well, it all starts with speaking up. Politely let that person know that their loud chewing bothers you.

If the person values you, then they will put your feelings into consideration.

It may also help to explain how you feel when someone sitting close to you is chewing loudly.

It all sounds like a joke until you explain the anxiety, sweaty palms, and full-blown panic that you may experience when in the company of loud chewers.

The truth is that your loved ones will be mindful of the noise they make when chewing when around you.

This may mean avoiding crunchy foods or slowing down their speed while you are all eating together.

You can also convince your friends not to serve drinks with meals.

Alcohol tends to make people less inhibited, meaning that it harder for them to be mindful about their chewing.

When dining with friends, you can also request the host not to serve crunchy dishes.

This way, it is easier for everyone to chew quietly to avoid offending you.

Even if you don’t mind people who chew loudly, you may have a friend or family member who gets irritated by the noise.

Try to be understanding and use the above tricks to quiet your chewing.

Final Thought On How To Chew Quieter

The above tips on how to chew quieter will work whether you are the noisy chewer or you want to convince others to be mindful of their chewing in your presence.

Most people do not intentionally eat loud, and a good number are not even aware of it.

Therefore, it is easy to convince them to eat quieter.

Just be gentle in your approach and make them understand where you are coming from.

Where possible, start teaching quiet eating and other table manners from a young age.

Children learn fast, and if they get used to eating quietly, they will probably be doing it for the rest of their lives.

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