Top 9 Ways on How To Fix a Noisy Bathroom Fan (Effective DIY)

The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in your home. It is where you go to shower, shave, brush your teeth and even use the toilet.

Noisy bathroom fans can be a huge annoyance for homeowners. They are often the most overlooked appliance in home maintenance.

A noisy bathroom fan can be a big problem, but it is not hard to fix. In this guide, I will be showing you different methods to fix a noisy bathroom fan by yourself without involving a handyman.

Types Of Bathroom Fan Noises

Knowing the types of sounds that are normal for your bathroom ventilation system will help keep you informed about any changes that might indicate more serious issues with fans, ductwork, or anything else associated with them.

Below are the types of bathroom fan noises that should make you worry.

A whooshing usually means air moving through vents and is a common sound that is normal and expected.

A humming sound usually indicates a worn-out fan motor or some other problem with the bearings or internal components of the unit.

Squeaking is usually caused by loose parts in the bathroom ventilation system, for example, bad hinges on the vent cover.

Scraping noises usually indicate there are obstructions in the ductwork, such as leaves blocking airflow to the fan unit. Try cleaning to see if you get rid of the scraping sound. If not, it might be time for an upgrade or repair on your bathroom ventilation system.

A whirling or whining noise can happen when the fan motor has been damaged or is malfunctioning.

Bathroom Exhaust Fan Noise Level

Bathroom exhaust fans sound levels are measured in sones. According to Wikipedia, sones is a measurement of loudness, perception of sound pressure.

To give you an idea of how the rating work, here’s a perfect example. The sound of standard television is 4.0 sones, while that of normal office is 3.0 sones.

The sound of rustling leaves is 0.5 sones, while the sound of a refrigerator is 1.0 sones.

A quiet bathroom fan should measure 1.0 sones or less.


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Why Is My Bathroom Extractor Fan So Noisy?

There are several reasons why an extractor fan may start making noises at random times. This can be incredibly inconvenient if this happens during the night while trying to get some sleep.

Below are the main reasons why your bathroom fan is noisy.

1. Poor Installation

If your bathroom extractor fan is noisy, it may have been installed improperly, leading to unnecessary vibrations and/or noise that can be very frustrating to deal with.

This might not be something you notice right away, but after some time since the installation was completed, it might become more apparent if any issues need to be addressed right away.

If this ends up being the case, you’ll want to get in touch with a contractor who specializes in home renovations so they can come over and verify if the device is installed correctly.

2. Broken Fan

If the bathroom extractor fan is a bit noisy, it may be because there’s something wrong with the fan itself.

Depending on what type of issue this is (mechanical, electrical, etc.), you may need to replace all or some components of the fan to permanently solve this problem.

Keep in mind that some issues can be fixed easily (such as lubricating bearings), while others might require more time and effort (replacing electrical parts).

3. Obstruction in Path of Air Flow

Another common reason why an extractor fan might make a lot of noise is that something in the way blocks the path of airflow.

There could be numerous objects obstructing this path which would cause a lot of pressure to build up, forcing it out through one opening or another (such as through the fan itself).

In some cases, these objects might even get propelled across rooms due to high pressure, which can get annoying for everyone involved.

Can You Use Wd40 on Bathroom Extractor Fan?

The quick answer is no. WD40 might work for a few minutes, but it doesn’t have the weight needed to keep things turning.

The chemical that makes WD-40 effective is flammable, so you don’t want to get any liquid on your fan motor or anywhere near it.

But if you can disassemble your fan, try removing the dirt with lighter fluid instead of WD40. Collect all pieces in an open box, clean them off really well with lighter fluid, and then let them dry and reassemble.

I know this sounds like a step in the wrong direction but trust me…it’s not.

Lighter fluid is manufactured with fewer chemicals than WD40, and lighter fluid works really well for cleaning things without leaving behind any residue (WD40 leaves its own residue).

I use lighter fluid to clean everything from my sewing machine parts to gun parts, tools, locks, and sometimes even woodworking projects after using sandpaper on them because the lighter fluid doesn’t remove wood color like chemicals found in most cleaners.

Can You Lubricate a Bathroom Fan?

YES! a bathroom fan can be lubricated with a dry graphite lubricant.

You can also use a silicone spray in the lube area of your bathroom’s exhaust fan mechanism.

When you apply this type of product, when it enters the space enclosed by the motor and blower wheel, it will reduce noise from the fan operation.

1 Sone Bathroom Fan

Probably you’re tired of your noisy bathroom fan and would like to replace it with a quiet one? Well, below is my recommendation of the best 1 sone bathroom fans you can get on the market today.

  • Broan-NuTone AE110 Ventilation Fanproducing 1.0 sones, this unit is powerful enough to control air quality for bathrooms measuring 105 square meters. It boasts TrueSeal Damper Technology that reduces air leakage by 50% in comparison with competing models.
  • Luvoni 90 CFM Bathroom Exhaust and Ventilation Fan- it’s quiet and capable of ventilating bathrooms measuring up to 90 square feet. It’s fitted with a 1050 lumens warm white LED bulb.

On Noisy Bathroom Fans

Noisy bathroom fans are a nuisance. This guide should help you figure out the possible causes of the noise problem and different ways to fix them.


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