How to keep Bedframe from Rolling on Wood Floor

In this article i’m going to discuss some simple tips on How to keep Bedframe from Rolling on Wood Floor.

In most cases, bed frames tend to roll on the wood floor, especially when one is sleeping.

The rolling may end up causing damage to the floor, leading to extra costs.

It also produces some noise that causes disturbance to the person sleeping the next door or downstairs.

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In this article, I have highlighted some tips that will give you some knowledge on how to keep bedframe from rolling on a wood floor.

Tips on How to keep Bedframe from Rolling on Wood Floor

1. Re-positioning

This is the cheapest way to prevent your bed from rolling on a wood floor.

What you to do is move your bed to one corner of the bedroom with one side of the bed and the head of the bed touching the walls.

This will stabilize your bed and preventing it from sliding by exerting pressure on the walls whenever you get out or into the bed.

However, this may be a little difficult if your room has no good corners or you sleep two people together.

The method may also not work for the children, especially those who use a lot of force to jump into the bed, especially if it is light.

They cause the bed to be in motion, which may end up scraping the walls leading to damages.

2. Place a rug under each leg

A thick rug allows the bed legs to stay firm in the grooves preventing the bed from sliding.

You can use a larger rug that covers a larger space to make the room look more stylish and impressive.

The larger the area covered by the rug, the less the possibility of the bed rolling.

This method will also ensure your toes step on a warm surface when moving out of the bed during the cold season.

You may not need to wear slippers while in the bedroom if the rug covers almost the entire room.

A thick pile of rug prevents the floor from damage by the moving bed legs.

3. Add Bed Risers

Most bed risers come in square or circular shapes and are made with a resistant material.

They usually have a slight pyramid shape where the bottom side is a bit larger than the top.

The added advantage of this method is that it adds some valuable storage space under your bed.

The risers can be found in home improvement centers and have varying height and diameters so you can choose the one that suits your needs.

You can use the underneath space to store things you want out of a site like shoes or clothe bins.

Most interior designers advise on using bed risers as a solution for a small bedroom so that you can utilize the space under the bed.

4. Add Rubber feet to the bed’s feet

Rubber feet for using on your bed are common in the market where some come with screws or adhesive on one side for sticking on the bed’s legs.

The screws are inbuilt so you can drill them on the bed permanently.

It is upon you to choose whether you want to use the rubber feet temporarily or permanently.

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This method is very effective as the rubber hides well under the bed parts that are in contact with the floor.

5. Use Furniture Cups under the bed feet

The furniture cups can be used on bed legs to prevent the bed from sliding on the floor. They are available in the market in many sizes and styles.

They are sold at fair prices and come in circular and square shapes.

The cups also come in different colors, and their installation is quite simple.

For a bed frame with legs, what you do is raise the bed and put each leg in a cup.

If you are afraid that the cup may leave scratches on the floor, you can install a piece of rubber under each cup.

What you do is cut a piece of rubber depending on the bottom side of the cup then use glue to attach them under each cup.

If your bed has casters instead of legs, ensure you lock them before you begin attaching the cups on them.

How to keep Bedframe from Rolling on Wood Floor

Look for a helper to assist you in lifting the bed when putting the cups.

Make sure that you install the cups in such a way that they can’ detach when the bed moves.

It is always essential to measure the size of your bed’s legs or casters before buying the furniture cups.

6. Use Velcro Pads to Bed Feet

Velcro pads can also be used to stop the bed from sliding. One side of the pad is attached to the bed frame while the other is attached to the floor.

These pads are less bulky compared to rubber and make the bed legs sit flatter on the floor.

VELCRO Brand Heavy Duty Tape with Adhesive is one of the best Velcro pads that are water resistant and durable.

How to keep Bedframe from Rolling on Wood Floor

To apply the pads, you will have to use an adhesive on the wood floor, which eventually leaves stains when you replace the bed.

7. Wrap the Bed legs with rubber tires

This method best suits beds with U-shaped legs. What you need is a cutting tool and old tires with less tread for it to be effective.

Cut the tires depending on the size of the bed legs.

Wrap the bed legs with the pieces of tires in such a way that the outside is rough to create friction on the floor.

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The friction prevents the bed from sliding when moving in or out of bed.

Though this is an effective method, the downside is that they may not look appealing.

But you don’t have to worry much since bed legs are not the main view of a bed.

8. Attach the bed frame to the wall permanently

You can opt for this method if the other methods seem not to work.

This is the most tedious method How to keep Bedframe from Rolling on Wood Floor but the results are worth the effort.

This method can only apply if your house has a solid wall that is capable of handling the bed frame.

What you need is a drill, long screws, and wall plugs.

Use the drill to make a through the head of the bed frame.

You will also have to drill around 3 holes on the wall, so before thinking of this method, ensure that you have tried the others.

It will require some effort and skills to do this task.

Make sure that the bed is in the exact position you prefer it to be since changing the position after attaching it to the wall may not be easy.

However, note that if you are living in a rented apartment, you may have to consult the owner before drilling the walls.

On How to keep Bedframe from Rolling on Wood Floor

All the above tips on how to keep bedframe from rolling on the wood floor will help in reducing bed movements.

However, some are easy to apply while others might take some time.

Repositioning the bed is the cheapest; all you need is someone to help you change the position while attaching the bed permanently to the wall is a bit expensive yet effective.

Choose  suitable method to use depending on availability, cost and also ease of installation.

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