How To Make Exhaust Quieter in 7 Quick DIY Fixes

In this guide, we shall be looking at some of the best methods on how to make exhaust quieter without involving a professional.

In our previous article, we discussed different methods you can utilize to make your car cabin quiet.

Achieving an overall quiet car cabin will involve a series of activities ranging from investing in quiet car tires, investing a sound deadened performance muffler to investing in car soundproofing mats.

In this article, we shall be looking at one of the many methods to make a car quieter- quieting the exhaust system.

What Causes An Exhaust To Be Loud?

Before we delve on different hacks on how to make exhaust quieter, it’s important we understand some of the causes of a noisy exhaust system.

Rust / Stolen Catalytic Converter

If your car is old, a rusted exhaust may be the cause of all the noise.

Often times, old cars also have some other loose bits, so the noise may be coming from the exhaust and other parts.

Unfortunately, in the past few years, catalytic converters have become a lucrative item in the black market.

Here is a link to video showing how its easy for a criminal to steal a catalytic converter-

Holes on the Exhaust

It is also possible that the exhaust system has holes in it. Smaller holes are easier to repair, but larger ones will require regular patching, and this can be exhausting.

How To Make Exhaust Quieter

If there is a suspected leak, telling where it is located is not as easy. You can start by parking the car for a while and observe for any puddles or smoke underneath.

Since the exhaust system runs across the car, it is hard to miss any leaks if you park the car for a while.

Leaks located at the back of the vehicle are easier to deal with.

If they are deep under the vehicle, accessing the leaky part for repairs may not be as easy, and you may need to lift the vehicle or park the vehicle where someone can easily slide under it.

Ways on How to Make Exhaust Quieter

Now that you’re aware of the different reasons for a noisy exhaust, let’s have a look at some of the best methods on how to make it quieter.

1. Fix the Leak

Finding a hole in your exhaust system is not as hard, especially if you have the right tools for the job.

Heat resistant epoxy is perfect for fixing small holes on the exhaust. For larger holes, you may want to get some muffler cement.

Before fixing the holes, inspect the entire exhaust and be on the lookout for rust.

Clean up the rust first and leave the holes to dry before applying the epoxy or muffler cement.

You may also want to cover the rusted parts using heat resistant glue.

Exhaust paste and bandages can also be fitted on the rusted bits.

If there is extensive rust on the exhaust, you are better off with a new one.

Repairing an extensively damaged exhaust is much costly in the long run, not to mention the fact that you may not get the desired results as far as a quieter car is concerned.

2. Fix the muffler

A muffler is designed to reduce the noise getting out of the exhaust pipe.

If it is not working properly, you will notice an increase in noise and the only solution here is to get a new exhaust system.

There are different types of mufflers designed to match different car models.

Take your time when buying and ensure that you get the right match for your car.

You also need to have an idea of how the muffler is fixed to ensure that it is working properly.

If you are not confident with your skills, get a professional to fix the muffler for you.

3. DIY Quiet Performance Mufflers

If you do not have a budget for mufflers or the one you have in place is not adequate, you can make soundproof mufflers of your own.

All you need for a DIY muffler is a sound-deadening material that will absorb a good part of the noise from the exhaust.

Some of the options available include metal wool, fiberglass packing, and steel scrubs.

You can use whichever sound-deadening material you have at your disposal as long as it is heat-resistant.

Check the videos available online for inspiration on DIY mufflers.

Most mechanics also know what to do, so you can opt to get a mechanic to make a muffler for you if you are not handy.

4. Invest in a Silencer

A silencer can make all the difference when the exhaust noise is concerned.

The silencer narrows the hole where the noise is coming from hence making the exhaust quieter.

A silencer is an easy and cost-effective way of reducing exhaust noise.

It may not be as effective as a muffler, but the shift in noise levels is noticeable.

This part is also easy to install.

Just get the right match for your car and slip it in the exhaust pipe, and you are guaranteed immediate results.

Amazon has a variety of silencers to match different budgets.

Search for the right match for your car and check out customer reviews to see what to expect once you have installed your silencer of choice.

You can also opt to go the DYI way and make your own silencer.

Popular options include jar lids, regular soda cans, and steel wool.

While a DYI silencer may be effective, you should be careful and ensure you understand what you are doing for your safety.

There are endless debates on whether the silencer has an effect on a car’s overall performance.

However, most car owners agree that while there may be a slight effect, it is so far down the exhaust that it may be hard for you to even feel it.

The main downside to installing a silencer is that it affects exhaust aesthetics.

It is also possible that it may corrode over time, and this can only translate into a much louder exhaust.

How To Make Exhaust Quieter

5. Tighten any loose bolts

It is possible that a loose nut or part somewhere could be amplifying the noise coming from the exhaust.

To see whether this is the case, lightly tap the exhaust and if you hear some rattling sounds, some parts may be loose.

Depending on the part affected, fixing the problem could be as simple as tightening a loose bit, or you may have to replace a part of two.

When loose bits are concerned, it is always wise to involve a mechanic, especially if you do not know exactly where the problem is.

If you often drive on rough roads or you recently had an accident, you should get the exhaust system checked and any loose tightened before more damage is done.

6. Additional solutions

If you can still hear the noise from the exhaust, there are a few other tricks that you can try.

First, you can soundproof the car cabin using a sound-deadening material.

You can also invest in floor and roof mats.

While none of these tricks will address the exhaust problem, you will enjoy a much quieter car.

Your mechanic may also offer a few other insightful tips that you can put into good use and enjoy a quieter car.

Final Thoughts on How to Make Exhaust Quieter

Above are some of the best methods on how to make exhaust quieter.

It’s important to undertake each step into detail to ensure that you don’t miss a thing.

We’ve also included a section to help you get a grasp of the common causes of a noisy exhaust. Here is another guide on how to fix lifter tick noise.


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