How to Make Heels Quieter in 9 Simple and Easy Fixes

In this guide fellow moms, I’m going to show you different ways on how to make heels quieter.

Nothing is annoying like walking in a conference room, church, library, or any other quiet place, and see every one stop what they’re doing and turn to look at you thanks to your noisy heels.

Noisy heels draw unwanted attention, and this can, at times, make one nervous. If you’ve found yourself in this situation, I know you know how embarrassing it can be.

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For this reason, I’ve compiled this guide to help you understand different ways on how you can make heels quieter.

A-List of Different Ways on How to Make Heels Quieter

Below are simple fixes on how you can make heels quieter. For the best results, you can combine two or more repairs at once. For example, you can make use of heel caps and foot foam simultaneously.

1. Make Use of Heel Caps

Heels can be too noisy, especially when walking on a hard surface such as tiles because of their pointy tips.

One of the ways to fix it is by adding heel caps on the tip of the heels.  The caps are effective at minimizing noise to a certain degree.

The caps can also keep you more balanced and also protect you against posture problems that are common on damaged heels.

The heel caps come in different colors so you can choose the one that goes well with your heels.

When shopping, choose the ones that cover the metallic tips entirely on the heels to prevent slipping and also minimizing noise.

Remember that these heels do not prevent noise but minimize it. So if you don’t want to hear any sound, you may consider combining it with other tips.

2. Install Foot Foam

Foot foams are also good at minimizing noise; however, they can be slippery, especially on a wet floor. They absorb sound produced by the impact of the heels on a hard surface.

The foam is made of rubber, which is shock-absorbing.

Foot foam can be either pre-cut or purchased as a whole. If you are buying the whole foam, you will need to cut it to the right size, depending on your heel before installing it in the shoe.

You can simply purchase Hush Heels, which are pre-cut and easy to install. Simply peel the adhesive then paste it on the shoe.

3. Use Gel Cushions

Unlike foot foams, gel cushions do not slide on a slippery surface. They also provide comfort and stability when walking, considering how tiny heel tips can be.

Gel cushions act as a shock absorber and also sound deadener. With them on, you won’t hear the sound of tips hitting a floor.

They are good because they are invisible and can be used on multiple shoes. So you can easily switch them from one shoe to another when needed, and no one will notice.

Installing them is easy; simply peel them off then attach gently inside the shoe. Gel cushions come with their own adhesive, so this saves you money that you would have used to purchase a glue.

Gel cushions can provide you with the grip that you crave for, especially when wearing a slightly bigger shoe. Unlike heel caps, which are placed on the tips, the gel is placed on the inside part of the shoe.

4. Get Sound Booties

Sound booties are also good at deadening noise produced by heels. They are considered efficient at eliminating heel noise.

Sound booties are mostly used in movie sets and also music studios to prevent mics from picking on shuffling noise. They are made of textile slippers that come with an elastic opening.

The good thing about the textile is that they can be reused thanks to the soft fabric present on them.

5. Use rubber

We all know rubber is quiet, unlike the other materials on the heel shoes. However, even if you try to fix the tip part, the front, which is not usually made of rubber, will still be noisy.

Install the rubber pads on the front of the shoe to minimize the tapping noise. However, you will need a cobbler to help you out since fixing it requires much effort.

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If properly attached, rubber provides the much-needed grip between the floor and the shoe so you won’t fall easily. You also won’t hear much noise compared to before.

How to Make Heels Quieter in 9 Simple and Easy Fix

6. Rub Sandpaper on the Heels

Some shoes may still be noisy even after attaching rubber on them. For this reason, you should consider rubbing sandpaper.

Purchase sandpaper if you don’t already have it. You can buy them in bulk then keep them for future use.

Clean the bottom of the shoe and ensure its dry before you begin to rub is consistently on the bottom of your shoe.

Sandpaper will modify the texture of the shoemaking it less noisy. Remember to make the soles softer for the best results.

7. Use a Duct Tape

Fixing a noisy shoe can be expensive, especially if it needs a cobbler’s help. For this reason, you should consider using duct tape to make your heels quiet.

This method is pretty easy and doesn’t involve much, so you can make it a DIY project. The work is simply applying the tape on the bottom of the shoe.

However, before doing that, you should clean the bottom well and let it dry before attaching the tape. This is because the adhesive on the tape won’t stick on a dirty or wet heel tip.

Remember to use a gaffer tape, which is much effective because it is made of fabric and is also anti-reflective.

When attaching the tape, ensure you use several layers to attain an extra thickness. Make sure the thickness is not too much to avoid destroying the shoe’s appearance.

8. Go for Quiet Heels

If all else fails, consider purchasing quiet heels. Manufactures have come to the plight of women and decided to make quiet heels.

Buying these shoes means you won’t spend money trying to fix a noisy shoe.

The heels have rubber soles on them, but it’s unlike the regular rubber. The heels are designed in such a way that they absorb noise from the impact of the floor and the shoe.

When shopping, there are things you should consider, such as budget, sole, design, and size.

Go for a shoe that is properly fitting. Because even if a shoe is quiet, if it doesn’t fit well, you will drag it, and that will be noisy.

Check the sole of the shoe to ensure that it is soundproof; otherwise, you won’t enjoy a quiet walk.

9. Walk Confidently

Remember, nothing can destroy a heel’s look or make a shoe produce noise like walking nervously. Be confident because your heel depends on you.

If you are not used to walking on heels, you can practice or watch some YouTube tutorial and perfect your walking style.

Final Thoughts on How to Make Heels Quieter

Above are some of the simplest ways on how to make heels quieter. As long as you understand the basic principles of soundproofing, you should be able to handle every noise problem effectively.

However, if you’re looking for a permanent solution, I’d recommend you to buy quiet heels. You can get these from the Amazon website.




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