How to Make Your Computer Quieter for Free?

In this guide, I will show you different ways to make your computer quieter for free.

If you’re a PC gamer rather than Xbox or PlayStation gamer, you may be aware of how graphic loaded games can make your gaming computer noisy.

I’ve previously written articles on quiet gaming mouses and wrote a detailed review on some of the most silent gaming keyboards available on the market today.

If you’re on a budget, you may find it hard to invest in some high-end quiet gaming accessories, i.e., keyboards.

If that’s the case, you can also browse through some articles I’ve written on making them quiet.

For example, check this guide on how to make a computer keyboard quiet.

A-List of Ways on How to Make Your Computer Quieter for Free

Below are some of the most recommended and effective hacks you can implement right now to make your computer quieter.

How to Make Your Computer Quieter for Free

1. Lower the fan speeds

If the temperature of your PC is okay, it is safe to reduce the fan speed.

This is commonly done from the computer BIOS.

There is also a chance that your motherboard manufacturer has an app on Windows that makes it possible for you to change the fans from the desktop.

Whichever method you use, you will enjoy a much quieter PC when the fan speed is lower.

When you check the BIOS, you will see a graph-based control.

You can use this feature to set speed.

If you have a new-age PC or laptop, you likely have a UEFI in place of the traditional BIOS.

However, these two pretty much do the same job, only that the UEFI can handle large-sized hard disks.

You can access the UEFI through the keyboard or mouse.

The Keyboard option is best as the mouse pointer is not always precise.

In case the fan speed is not adjustable from the BIOS, you can always install a fan controller.

Amazon has quite a variety of these controllers.

There are also enough videos online on how to install fan controllers.

2. Replace the Computer Fans

This method is advisable when you have identified the fans as the problem.

You can replace your old noisy fans with quieter, highly functioning ones.

Fortunately, case fans are relatively cheap.

It is cheaper to replace the fans that to invest in a silent system.

When shopping for case fans, ensure that you get appropriately-sized fans for your machine.

Also, check whether a fan slot is not in use and install another fan if the system allows.

Just like with other computer parts, there are different brands of case fans.

Take your time to research which brands stand out and have the right match for your computer.

In case your machine allows, it is okay to get a bigger fan that moves more air at much lower speeds.

3. Get a New Cooler

The CPU cooler is another easily replaceable part. Most CPUs are fitted with a standard cooler that is not as effective.

If fan noise is a major problem for you, investing in a quality cooler is a good idea.

Again, ensure you get the right model for your CPU.

Replacing the cooler is a bit complex since the mountings are not easily accessible.

You will also need to clean the old thermal paste and get a new replacement.

If you have to DIY, check out videos on the replacement process and apply thermal paste.

However, if you do not know much about computer parts, let the professionals fix the cooler for you.

You can also request the professionals to clean your laptop and get rid of any build-up blocking the fans.

4. Invest in a Quiet Power Supply

The power supply is a major culprit where PC noise is concerned.

You can change to a much quieter version, and the good thing is that you do not need to interfere with your PC’s running in any way.

Quieter power supplies tend to be a bit costly when compared to their noisier counterparts.

However, they are a worthy investment if you find your current supply too noisy.

Check out the range of quiet power supplies on Amazon and see which one is perfect for your PC.

Whatever your budget, you will have a few options to choose from.

5. Invest in a Quiet Hard Drive

Some hard drives can be very loud.

Even if you get a bigger fan or a better supply, the noise will still be distracting if the hard drive is the issue.

A good way to tell if the hard drive is the problem is to listen to the computer as it boots up. You can also temporarily disconnect it before turning your PC on.

Some hard drives will only make noise when the PC is starting.

Others are consistently noisy and will make whirring noises all through.

If you want to reduce the hard drive noise levels without replacing it, get a case for your hard drive.

Since a quality hard drive case also comes with fans, your other fans will not have to work as hard to cool the computer.

You can also replace your old hard drive.

If you have had your PC for a while, getting a new quiet hard drive is a way to go.

How to Make Your Computer Quieter for Free

6. Add insulation

If you would rather keep your old PC case, you should consider insulating it.

Since most cases are built without considering acoustics, adding insulation may be all you need to get the PC noise to manageable levels.

Insulating the PC case is quite straightforward.

Simply purchase some insulation and stick it to your computer using adhesive.

Insulation mostly comes in the form of molded foam, and you can get this for anything between $20 and $60 on Amazon or the nearest store.

However, ensure that you only use insulation designed for electronics.

Use the insulation to plug unused fan mounts, layer the side panels, and cover most cases.

If you do not have adhesive, you can use double-sided tape.

The only downside to this method is that it may reduce the airflow in your computer.

Ensure that the fan mounts and vents are not obstructed when installing the insulation.

7. Get a New PC Case

If all fails and you are not ready to replace your PC yet, you can get a new case for your machine.

Some cases are designed with quiet operation in mind, which means that they come with enough fans and allow adequate airflow.

You may have to pay more for a quality PC case, but your machine will thank you for it.

There are some budget cases that will serve you well until you are ready to invest in a much quieter PC.

On How to Make Your Computer Quieter for Free

Above are the most recommended DIY hacks on how to make your computer quieter for free.

Most of these hacks are easy and simple to implement on your own.

However, if you find any too technical, you can always ask a tech-savvy friend to help you out.



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