How to Soundproof A Door with Household Items?

In this guide, you will learn how to soundproof a door with household items.

Because professional soundproofing can be quite expensive (source), it’s wiser to soundproof your home with readily available household materials.

Most modern homes have hollow doors and this makes the prone to leaking noise in and out of the room.

If that’s the case for you, you will have to soundproof the doors or alternatively replace the door entirely. Also Read: How to Reduce Bass Noise from Neighbours in 5 Simple Steps

Ways on How to Soundproof A Door with Household Items

Below is a step by step guide on how to soundproof a door with household items. Let’s get started.

1. Carpets or Rugs

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One of the common items in every household that you can use to soundproof your door is a carpet.

They are not only cheap means of soundproofing but also effective at providing comfort in a home.

Carpets or rugs are effective because they are dense, which is good quality it the soundproofing world.

When it comes to soundproofing a door, carpets are a good option to consider.

Apart from absorbing sound waves, they help in preventing reverberations.

If you want to increase the effectiveness of these carpets, you can start by installing mats, then followed by the carpets.

The two won’t provide 100% effectiveness, but you will notice a difference in the amount of noise coming in.

2. Rearrange the Furniture

Rearranging the furniture is also a good means of soundproofing your door.

It is also an affordable means considering you are simply using your household items.

If you are wondering how furniture will reduce noise, well, the idea is to place the objects next to the door.

However, this method will only work on a door that is not in use; otherwise, you will be blocking your doorway.

Start by placing bigger objects such as cabinets and bookshelf on the door.

Remember to fill the bookshelf with books to minimize any spaces that could leak in noises.

The only downside to rearranging furniture is that you will use a lot of effort to move them.

However, if you have the help of a friend, things could be easier.

 How to Soundproof A Door with Household Items?

3. Hang Soundproof Curtains on the Door

Another household item you could use to minimize the noise coming through your door is a curtain.

Curtains are cheap soundproofing materials and also easy to use.

The softness and thickness of the curtains make it hard for sound frequencies to pass through.

In simpler terms, the curtains act as sound barriers.

Installing curtains is not hard. All you need to do is install curtain rods that are wider than the door to make it easier to close them.

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When you are using the door, you can push the curtains to the side of the wall and draw them back when done.

Always remember that the thicker the curtain, the better it is at minimizing noise.

However, household curtains may not be as thicker as you would want them to be.

For this reason, you should consider soundproof curtains.

But since the idea is to use household items, get the thickest curtains in your home and use them.

4. Use Thick Blankets

You can also use blankets to soundproof your door. The thicker the blankets, the better.

Though these blankets may not be as effective as soundproof blankets, they can still reduce some amount of noise.

You can add several layers of them on the door to increase the chances of more noise reduction.

Nail the blankets on every top side of the door then do the same for the bottom side.

If you don’t want to create holes on the blanket, you can purchase curtain clips and hang them.

When covering the door, makes sure you leave no gap at the bottom.

Leaving even the slightest gap will make your work feel like wastage of time because the gaps will leak noise.

5. Pillows and Blankets

 How to Soundproof A Door with Household Items?

While still on the idea of adding mass to the door, you can use old pillows and blankets to cover the door.

Blankets and pillows are fluffy and thick, which is good for minimizing noise.

Though they don’t block the noise entirely, the material in them will absorb some amount of noise.

Mattresses will only work on the door that is not in use. It would be hectic to cover a busy doorway with a blanket.

But you can use the mattress to block the noise at night when going to bed then remove it in the morning.

6. Green Glue

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Do you have any leftover green glue in the house from some of the type of construction you did in the past? Well, you can use it to soundproof your door.

Green glue works as an adhesive but also as a soundproofing property. It seals cracks and holes on any surface, including the door.

You can try checking for the holes by turning the lights on one side of the door.

If you can see the light leaking in the other room, then there are gaps present on the door.

Once you have located these holes or cracks, then you can seal them with the glue.  The work is easy.

Start by cleaning the areas around those gaps and ensure they are dry before applying the adhesive.

7. Use Soundproof Paint

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A simpler idea to minimizing the noise coming in through the door is painting it using soundproof paint.  The paint is different from regular paint because it has soundproofing properties.

Unlike the regular paint, soundproof paint is much thicker, which is why it’s effective at minimizing noise.

You have probably heard of soundproof paint and even used it before on your walls. Well, you can also use it on your door to minimize noise.

If you were considering renovating your home, the paint would come in handy. It has a warm color that is aesthetically pleasing.

Applying the paint is not a hard job that requires a professional’s help. You can easily make this a DIY project and save up some money.

All you need to do is ensure the door is clean and free from protrusions such as nails. You also need to apply several layers of the paint for effectiveness.

8. Weatherstrip the Door

Another cheap idea to consider when looking for household items to soundproof the door is a weatherstrip.

A weatherstrip is simply a tape that is stronger than the regular duct tape. It is used to seal the gaps on a surface.

When used on the door, it seals the sizes of the gaps created by the door frame.

Installing the tape on the door is not hard, just make sure the door is clean for the adhesive to stick.

On How to Soundproof A Door with Household Items

Above are some of the simplest hacks on how to soundproof a door with household items.

Most of these methods don’t require much effort but some will require you to put extra effort.

However, it all depends on your door’s stats and the amount of effort you’re willing to invest.

Before you go, it’s also important to note that these hacks won’t soundproof against noises 100% like professional soundproofing.

Fortunately, they’ll reduce noise leaks to manageable levels. Also Read: How to Stop a Door from Slamming in 8 Simple Steps


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