How to Stop A Bed Frame from Squeaking.

How to Stop A Bed Frame from Squeaking .A squeaky bed frame can be a nightmare, especially for sexually active couples and those who prefer a quiet, peaceful sleep.

There’s nothing more an annoyance than a bed frame that won’t stop squeaking.

In this article, we help you spot the causes of a squeaky bed frame and also provide you with all the information on how to stop a bed from squeaking.

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Ideas on How to Stop A Bed Frame from Squeaking

1. Tighten the Joints

Fixing a loose joint may be all it takes to fix your squeaky bed.

Use a screwdriver or wrench to tighten any loose bolts or screws and check to ensure that all of them are adequately secured.

For a tighter fit, add washers to the bed screws if there are none in place. Metal or plastic washers work just fine.

You need to ensure that you get the right fit for your frame.

You may also choose to change the screw or bolt if the present one doesn’t adequately tighten the bed frame.

2. Wax

Wax is excellent for squeaky beds if you can figure out where the noise is coming from. Rub some beeswax on the problem area.

A candlestick or paraffin bar will work just as great.

If there is a joint involved, you may have to take it apart, apply wax around the friction area, and then put the frame back together.

Ensure that you apply a few coats to take care of the squeak adequately.

If you have a problem locating the problem area, have someone slowly move over the bed as you listen carefully for areas where the noise is coming from.

3. Socks

Sounds bizarre, but enough people swear by this hack, especially where wooden beds are concerned.

Use old socks to line the bedframe middle bar and see whether the squeak stops.

If you still get some noise, line each slat with a sock or two.

You can use other scrap materials such as old tee-shirts or a pair of old bed sheets as well.

The goal is to prevent direct contact between the bed frame and the mattress and eliminate any friction caused by this contact.

4. Oiling

Applying oil on the bed frameworks great for metal beds and falls among the most effective tips on how to stop a bed frame from squeaking.

Oil the joints and springs often or whenever the bed starts squeaking.

Anything from a few vegetable oils drops to WD-40 lubricant will do.

How to Stop A Bed Frame from Squeaking

If you need to oil your bed regularly, get the 4D-40 from a home improvement store near you and spray the lubricant generously on the frame.

If yours is a box spring, flip it over and make a hole in the fabric covering the springs.

Spray your lubricant every spring and any other metallic place.

You can after that, reseal the backing using a stapler before putting the mattress back.

You may need to oil the spring regularly if they are the reason your bed can’t stop squeaking.

5. Cork Bits

Small cork bits are perfect for squeaky wooden frames. Just place these bits between the mattress and areas where the noise is coming from, and they will offer enough cushioning to prevent friction.

These bits can also be used to tighten loose spots around the bed pegs.

Anywhere there is a friction problem, just a small cork piece will resolve is and hopefully eliminate the squeak for good.

6. Check the Feet

The bed footing could result in a squeaky bed if it is rubbing against your bedroom floor.

This problem mostly occurs with hardwood flows.

The rubbing footing will not only cause that annoying sound, but it will also leave scratches on your floor.

Uneven legs could also be the problem, and the rocking will produce some noise.

In both cases, furniture pads will rectify the problem.

Check out the options available on Amazon and select the furniture pad suited for your bed frame.

You can use old socks temporarily, but you have to get quality furniture pads if you want to safeguard your floors.

7. Reinforce the foundation

This tip applies if you have an RV mattress with a weak foundation.

Get some cinder blocks or plywood and use these to reinforce your bed foundation.

If you are not handy, get someone to strengthen the foundation for you.

You can also get the blocks cut up to the desired length and thickness and nail in yourself.

Just be careful to ensure that the reinforcement is done right, so you do not end up with a squeakier bed than before.

8. Move the Bed

Is your floorboard uneven? The quickest way to tell whether this is the problem is to check the legs and see if all the four are touching the ground.

In case there is even a small gap between the floor and one or two legs, the floor could be the problem.

If you have a large room, move the bed until you get to a flat area.

If this is not possible, you can slip some towels under the legs that are not touching the floor.

This way, there will be no rocking and squeaking every time you get into bed.

The lasting solution is to change the flooring, but this only works if you own the home, or your landlord is open to making such expensive changes.

9. Rotate the Mattress

How about you try the old mattress rotation trick if all the above methods are not working.

Flipping the mattress will change the weight distribution, and this, at times, is all it takes to eliminate the squeak.

If you have had your mattress for a while, rotating the mattress is advisable.

Even when you do not have any issues, turning the mattress frequently will ensure that it wears uniformly for guaranteed comfort in the present and future.

10. Get a new bed frame

If everything else has failed, you may need to change your bed frame.

This is particularly important if your squeaky bed is affecting your sleep or keeping the rest of the house awake.

Fortunately, there are bed frames to match all budgets.

With online shops like Amazon, you can see the customer reviews before you place your order and compare different options according to your budget.

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You may also choose to visit a furniture shop near you and select the bed frame that best appeals to you.

The goal is to get a sturdy frame that will fit your mattress and, where possible, match your bedroom décor.

Final thoughts on How to stop a Bed Frame from Squeaking

Above are the best methods on how to stop a bed frame from squeaking.

After spending several nights on a squeaky bed, I know how annoying it can be trying to make love in the dead of night.

So if you’re experiencing the same, I hope this article will help you understand how you can fix that squeaky bed frame.

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