Kilmat Vs Noico: Which is the Best Soundproofing Material for Car?

You’ve probably been reading about soundproofing materials for car and now want a detailed comparison between Kilmat Vs Noico.

Well stick to the end because we shall be discussing in details the difference between these two brands.

Even after you’ve purchased quiet tires, you will still experience some road noise when driving.

However, remember that the use of sound deadening mats is one of the many different ways to make your car quieter inside but will significantly contribute to the overall noise reduction.

Kilmat Vs Noico Detailed Comparison

Now that you’re aware that soundproofing mats are just but a piece of iceberg when it comes to car soundproofing, let now get into details.

Kilmat Review and Advantages

If you are looking for a soundproofing material that will ensure that your car’s engine does not ruin your cruise, don’t look any further.

Kilmat is one of those materials that will not disappoint you.

In fact, you will be able to enjoy the sound system of your car better when you are driving out there.

This has made Kilmat a popular choice among many people out there.

Kilmat vs Noico

To start with, Kilmat has about three sound deadening mats in the market. These include:

  • Kilmat 80 mil 36 sqft car sound deadener
  • Kilmat 80 mil 25 sqft car sound deadener
  • Kilmat 50 mil 50 sqft car sound deadener

Kilmat is basically a sound deadener that is made with butyl rubber, which is a foil and has some form of metal backing.

If you are operating on a budget, you should consider choosing this material when it comes to soundproofing your car.

Here are other interesting features that make Kilmat great:

1. It Is Effective

This material will dampen any road noise that might hinder you from enjoying good music from your car’s sound system.

Also, you can be sure that you will enjoy conversations with your passengers as you drive along the road.

This makes them ideal for most car owners out there.

2. It Is Easy to Install

Since Kilmat is self-adhesive, it is very easy to install.

In addition, it comes with an indicator that lets you know if you installed it right or not. Therefore, you will not make mistakes when installing it in your car.

Besides this, you will save a lot of time during the installation process.

3. Affordable

If you have been looking for an affordable soundproofing material for your car, look no further as Kilmat is one of those options that meet this need with precision.

Besides being affordable, it is a high-quality product.

This makes it to be one of the most purchased soundproofing mats in the market.

4. Heat Insulation

Apart from insulating your car, the material mentioned above will act as a good heat insulator.

This feature makes it better than its peers, especially if you live in areas that experience extreme temperatures.

During winter, you can be sure that your car’s interior will be warm for longer.

5. Multiple Uses

Unlike its peers, the product features a universal material that will ensure that the material is installed anywhere, be it indoors or outdoors, as a sound insulator.

6. It Is Oil and Water Resistant

The other fantastic feature about this product is that it both oil and water-resistant.

Therefore, in case there is any spillage of oil, your car’s interior will be safe.

Also, in case there is rain, no water will penetrate it.

7. No Odor

Worried about your car having a bad odor after installing this product?

Worry no more as the product does not have any odor.

In fact, the adhesive used to stick it on is odorless.

8. Long Lasting

You will note that the adhesive used on the Kilmat material is designed to stick fast and last long.

Since the adhesive is already on the mat, you will not take a lot of time to install it.

9. Allows You to Cut the Size You Want

Depending on the amount you need for soundproofing your car, you will be at liberty to cut the Kilmat sheet into any size you want.

This is because the deadener comes in multiple sheets of different sizes.

Some are big while others are small, totaling 34 in number.

It is important to note that small-sized sheets are easier and more manageable to work with during the installation process.

Their multiple numbers make it possible to cover more space.

Kilmat vs Noico

10. It Contains Butyl

These mats boast of containing butyl, which is one of the basic materials used in its manufacture.

This material basically enhances its efficiency when it comes to insulating sound while at the same time, being lightweight.

Kilmat Disadvantages

The product does not come with a roller.

Noico Review: Pros and Cons

To start with, Noico is an asphalt-based soundproofing product.

Therefore, it is quite different from Kilmat as Kilmat is butyl-based.

Here are some features that make Noico a good soundproofing material:


When it comes to soundproofing your car, this product will not disappoint.

Although it is made of a different material, it will still ensure that the noise from the car engine does not interfere with you as you drive.

Here, you can enjoy music as you drive or even have a conversation with a friend as you drive along.

Easy to Install & Versatile

To install this product, you just need to peel off the back and then stick it on and press it down with a roller.

However, you have to buy the roller separately.

The material mentioned above can be used in a wide range of situations apart from sound deadening in cars.

In fact, besides being used in cars, it can be used in a range of soundproofing roles such as in home theaters to reduce vibration and so on.

Thick and Lightweight

The material used in making this sound deadener is 80 mil thick.

This makes it ideal in insulating sound of any nature.

Chance are, you thought that this product is bulky due to its thickness.

However, this is not true as the product is very light.

In fact, it weighs 0.7lbs for every sqft.

It Is Available in Multiple Sheets

You will note that Noico comes in multiple sheets that are capable of covering an area of up to 36 square feet.

Therefore, in total, you will get 9 sheets, which makes it ideal for installing in multiple areas around your car.


  1. The asphalt gives off an unpleasant odor when warm.

Kilmat vs Noico: Which Should I Pick?

Above is a detailed guide on Kilmat Vs Noico.

If you are looking for an affordable soundproofing product for your car, you should consider choosing Kilmat.

Compared to Noico and SoundSkins, Kilmat is a cheaper alternative.

Besides this, Kilmat does not give off a bad odor even when subjected to high temperatures.

In fact, Noico lacks thermal insulation, and this can make you not enjoy the ride in your car.

All in all, Kilmat is the winner as it is practical, affordable, and is easy to install.

Also, it does not have a bad odor, thereby making it a versatile choice for most users.

Choose Kilmat today, and you will enjoy the results.


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