Quiet Dog Tags: Best Silent Dog Tags on The Market

After soundproofing the dog crate, your next option should be to invest in quiet dog tags.

Rescue organizations and humane societies recommend pet parent to always have their cats and dogs wear these tags. (Source)

However, there’s nothing irritating like the clanking dog tags especially when your pet is around the house.

Why You Need a Quiet Dog Tag?

Dogs have a tendency to go where their noses lead them to. At times, this can be miles away from home.

This is why a dog tag is necessary.

If your info is on the tag, it will be easier for a good Samaritan to trace you and return your pet.

With a tag, you can save yourself the countless hours of searching for your dog around your neighborhood.

If you are wondering if a microchip wouldn’t be a better option, you are not alone. However, you need to remember that with a microchip, a good Samaritan will have to take the dog to the nearest vet store where the chip can be scanned.

While most people think that a microchip comes with a mini-GPS tracker, this is not the case.

There is no way you can track the dog location using the microchip.

This means that the dog tag is your safest bet when your dog is lost.

A-List of Quiet Dog Tag Types

There are different types of quiet dog tags types on the market today. They include:

Hanging ID Tags

This is the most common type. These tags also happen to be the noisiest.

In case you have an aluminum or steel collar, and you attach plastic tags, you can be sure that the resulting noise will be irritating.

On the bright side, they are quite easy to attach, which explains why most dog owners prefer them.

If your dogs are hyperactive, you may need to consider other types of tags.

With hanging ID tags, your dogs may get caught in bushes and fences or even rip off your clothes when they are jumping all over you.

quiet dog tags

Slide-on Tags

As the name suggests, these tags easily slide on the dog collar.

However, you need to get the right tag for your collar; otherwise, attaching it will be quite a task.

With a slide-on tag, you also only get one side of the tag to include your contact information since the other side lies on the collar.

In most cases, slide-on tags are made using plastic.

Their durability cannot be compared to the hanging steel ones, as these can easily snap when the collar is pulled.

Even if you buy a dog collar with a slide-on tag to match, there is a likelihood that the collar will come loose over time.

This can only translate into more noise produced when the collar moves.

Rivet-on Tags

This is, without a doubt, the quietest variety available.

These tags will also stay on the collar, however active your dog is.

Rivet-on tags are mostly made of metal. They are durable and sturdier than other varieties.

The only downside is that like slide-on tag, the rivet-on variety has little room to add the contact information.

You may not have a chance to be as creative as you want, but the fact that they are quiet, sturdy, and durable sets them apart.

A-List of the Best Quiet Dog Tags on the Market

Below is a detailed review of some of the best quiet dog tags on the market today. They include:

SILIDOG Silent Hanging Tag

This tag is made of silicon, which explains why it is quiet.

The fact that it is the hanging variety means that you can include as much contact information as you want without having to worry about space.

Once engraved, the letters and words do not fade.

You also get the tags in different shapes and colors, so you have more variety to choose from.

SILIDOG also offers a glow-in-the-dark variety.

Anyone can see your stranded dog from miles away and go to their rescue in case the dog is stuck.

Since this is a hanging tag, it may not work as great for you if you have an active dog.

The tag may slide off or snap off when the dog gets stuck.

The SILIDOG tag comes in two sizes, 1.25 by 1.25 inches and 1.5 by 1.25 inches.


Quiet Dog Tags

These are stainless steel rivet on tags.

They are sturdy, and it is highly unlikely that your dog can scrape, chew, or damage them.

These tags also come in brass, and you can either choose to go with the mirror or matte finish.

Even better, the manufacturer makes them a bit curved, so there is no chance of the tags pinching the dog hair.

While you can only add information on one side, these tags come with five rows where you can engrave your details.

This is enough space to add your contact information and the dog’s details as well.

The manufacturer offers a lifetime guarantee for these tags. As long as you rivet it in correctly, you are sure that they will stay on the collar until you pull it out.

The LUCKYPET tag is available in three sizes.

QALO Hanging Tags

Quiet Dog Tags

This is yet another brand of silicone hanging tags.

The tag can be printed on both sides, it is available in five different designs, and you can customize the tag further to match your needs.

At first glance, these tags resemble traditional license plates.

They are a bit larger than standard tags making them ideal for dog owners with large pets.

Given the amount of space available, you can include two contact information if you are sharing your pet’s custody.

LEASH BOSS Slide-on Tag

Quiet Dog Tags

This is another perfect choice if yours is an active dog.

The tag is made of stainless steel, so it is nearly impossible for the dog or anyone else to damage it.

LEASE BOSS has made this tag with your dog’s comfort in mind.

Since it is a bit curved, it fits perfectly in the collar without pinching or causing any discomfort.

The tag is also slightly larger than standard tags allowing more room to add your contact information.

How to Make Dog Tags Quiet?

So, you have a perfect tag, and you are not looking to invest in a new one.

What can you do to silence it?

First, you can use a rubber band to ensure that no two metal parts are touching.

This may work in the short-run, but you must keep fitting a new band when the other one breaks.

You can also buy some tag silencers.

There are clear silencers, so your contact information will still be visible, and the noise problem will be solved as long as the silencer stays in place.

Final thoughts on Quiet Dog Tags

Above are some of the best quiet dog tags on the market. They are durable and won’t fall of when you least expect it.

Therefore if your pet wanders far from your neighborhood, then you won’t have to worry as you’ll mostly likely have your pet back in no time thanks to the identification information on the tags.


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