Quiet Performance Muffler: Top 5 Quietest Performance Muffler

A quiet performance muffler will keep your car rides much quiet, whether driving in busy streets or cruising on the highway.

If you live in California like me, then you know how hard the cops can be on you when they pull you over unless you have a certification.

If you’re not sure what the laws in your state say regarding exhaust noise, here is a guide to help you figure out whether you’re allowed to have a muffler that emits excessive noise. (Read here)

What is the Best Quiet Performance Muffler?

The best quiet performance muffler is MBRP M2220A 31″ Aluminized Quiet Tone Muffler.

It has a high flow performance exhaust system that maximizes exhaust flow keeping the engine cool thanks to its lower exhaust temperatures.

If you are looking forward to improving the efficiency and performance of your engine, then this is the best muffler for you.

The product dimensions in and out are 5 inches long.

Its overall length is 31 inches and a diameter of 8 inches.

Some of its advantages are more torque, great fuel efficiency, more horsepower, and a low pure sound.

This muffler also boosts your engine’s performance since it reduces the underlying pressure.

The product comes with an affordable price, and the material used in making the silencer is durable aluminized steel.

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A-List of the Best Quiet Performance Mufflers on the Market

Below are some of our most recommended quiet mufflers you can get on the market today. They are affordable and yet durable.

1. Vibrant 1142 3″ Ultra Quiet Resonator

Quiet Performance Muffler

The vibrant quiet resonator is a good choice if you are looking forward to getting a quiet muffler while improving the overall performance.

It is uniquely designed to dampen exhaust noise to ensure a quiet and smooth airflow.

Additionally, the muffler is visually appealing; thus, it will not only reduce noise but also improve the appearance of your vehicle.

It is constructed from stainless steel, making rust-free when exposed to water, giving you a longer service.

The product features a ‘true straight through’ perforated core to ensure uninterrupted airflow.

Its setting ensures no pressure in the engine that might increase noise, thus enhancing performance.

The muffler can withstand a high exhaust temperature without compromising performance.

The material used in making the muffler absorbs the sound waves passing through the pipe, thus increasing engine performance.

It has an inlet diameter of 3 inches and the same outlet diameter.

Body width dimensions are 6.5 inches x 4.75 inches, and a body length of 9.75 inches

Additionally, the muffler is of high quality, super quiet yet affordable.

The product comes with a five-year warranty in case of any defects to ensure quality assurance.

2. Walker 17886 Economy Pro-Fit Universal Muffler

Quiet Performance Muffler

Walker universal muffler is made with 100 % aluminized steel, which resistant to corrosion to give you’re an extended service period.

The aluminized steel is excellent when it comes to dampening sounds making the muffler noise-free.

Walker’s muffler is 3 times better than other mufflers in terms of the aluminum version and lifetime.

It can resist rust and, in the case of rainwater, thanks to the type of materials used in its construction.

Its internal system allows drainage, thus preventing corrosion in the long run.

Internal and external inlets have a diameter of 2.25 inches.

It features spot-welded bushings providing stability and support.

The tube-and-partition-style gives an appealing interior design.

Additionally, the muffler provides installers and giving customers Do It Yourself advantage with economic performance and acoustics.

Sometimes this universal muffler may require you to modify to complete the installation.

3. Borla 40842S S-Type Muffler

Borla 40842S-S features a multi-core technology to ensure excellent fuel economy and increase horsepower efficiently, thus improving your car performance.

This muffler is fuel-efficient- in that it does not exert pressure on your car’s engine; thus, it will not require a lot of fuel to perform.

If you are in need of a quiet, high-quality muffler, add Borla on your list.

The muffler is designed to ensure good exhaust emission providing internal power generation.

It is equipped with ultra-smooth mandrel bends to ensure maximum airflow and power.

Having been made from T-304 stainless steel Borla 40842S-S gives you a long-lasting service period.

It is rust and corrosion resistant reducing fast wear and tear, thus increasing its life.

The product measures 10 x 5 inches diameter round while the overall length is 15 inches.

The installation procedure is easy and straightforward to follow.

4. Vibrant 1141 2.5″ Ultra Quiet Resonator

Quiet Performance Muffler

This unit is designed to sound deaden exhaust noise while at the same time facilitating undisrupted exhaust flow.

It’s constructed from t304 stainless steel hence eliminating rifling noise.

The muffler can also withstand exhaust temperature

Quiet Performance Muffler Buyer Guide

There are several factors to take into consideration when buying a performance muffler.

Below are some of the most recommended requirements to ensure that you get a quiet performance muffler that meets your specific requirements.

Sound effectiveness

Sound effectiveness is a key factor to consider when it comes to mufflers.

As you all know, mufflers are used to suppress exhaust noises by reducing sound levels produced by the engine.

The internal configuration will determine the level of noise produced. That’s why some mufflers are quiet than others.

If you are looking for the quietest muffler, a turbo muffler will do you good, unlike ‘straight through’ or chambered.

Quiet Performance Muffler


In most cases, the material used in manufacturing determines the price to be charged.

Aluminum steel mufflers are slightly cheaper than stainless steel, while titanium is the most expensive.

If you are looking for a fairly priced muffler, go for stainless steel ones.

Expensive mufflers aren’t always the best consider going for the one that meets your needs.

Despite their affordable price, they are effective and do not easily rust or corrode incase exposed to water.

Muffler Material

Mufflers range from titanium, stainless steel to aluminum steel materials.

Aluminum steel

Aluminum steel can withstand lore heat than stainless steel due to its high thermal conductivity.

It is also easy to customize and do welding compared to stainless steel.

Aluminum can last for up to 10 years when in a dry climate.

Stainless steel

Stainless steel is most likely to change its shape during thermal expansion, unlike aluminum.

It is corrosion resistant and can withstand salt better and is 4% denser than aluminized steel.

Stainless 409 is commonly used since it contains less chromium, and it is cheaper, lasting about 8 years.

Stainless 304 is more resistant to salty conditions and can last longer.

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It is stronger and expensive than stainless steel and aluminum.

The metal weighs 40% less compared to stainless steel.

It can withstand high temperatures, and it does not stain, corrode, or rust.

The metal has good power to weight ratio improving handling and acceleration.

Muffler Size and Exhaust system type

Mufflers are of many sizes to choose from.

Universal mufflers work with most cars. However, some are manufactures depending on the car model.

Make sure the muffler you are purchasing matches the size of your exhaust system.

Mufflers have either single or dual exhaust systems.

Ensure you choose a design that meets the needs of your car.

Attachment Area

This is in terms of the exhaust diameter and how much space can fit the muffler.

A small car will require a small muffler to fit in the limited space available.

The diameter of the exhaust pipe diameter should match the diameter of the inlet pipe of the muffler to increase its effectiveness.

Types of Quiet Performance Muffler

There are three main types of performance mufflers- they are as follows:

  • Chambered
  • Straight-through
  • Turbo

Chambered Mufflers

These feature an internal mechanism designed to ensure that sound waves cancel each other.

They are most common because it’s easier to manipulate them to achieve the sound you want.

However, these are only great for muscle cars as well as streetcars and are much quieter compared to straight-through mufflers.


These have sound-deadening materials, which make them quite unique.

They use soundproofing materials such as fiberglass and steel wool that are installed on the perforated pipe to help absorb exhaust noise passing through it.

It’s important to note that the wrappings don’t interfere with the gas flow- so you still get the horsepower you want.

Unfortunately, even though they are fitted with soundproofing materials, they are not as quiet as the chambered counterparts.

Turbo Mufflers

Turbo mufflers are a modification of both chambered and straight-through mufflers.

They are designed such that they direct gases through several S-shaped tubes constructed from soundproofing materials.

Unfortunately, these types of mufflers are more demanding- they exert more pressure on your car.

On the other hand, they are quieter compared to the other two types.

Final Thoughts on Quiet Performance Muffler

Above are some of the best quiet performance mufflers on the market today.

They are affordable and easy to install, and you can install them without the need for a professional mechanic.

It important to however understand that, investing in a quiet muffler is just but one of the many different ways to make your car quieter.

You can also try other methods such as purchasing quiet tires, fixing lifter noise or insulating and soundproofing your car with soundproof mats.



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