Quiet Tires: Top 7 Best Tire for Comfort and Noise

With quiet tires, you’ll never have to worry about road noise ever.

According to the Federal Highway Administration, there are several sources of highway noises.

They include aerodynamic noise, engine and exhaust noise, propulsion noise, and tire noise. (Source)

A study prepared for the U.S. Department of Noise Abatement suggests that tire noise becomes the main contributor for automobile noise at speeds as low as 56.3-64.6km/h – 35-40mph.

However, the precise speed at which tire-roadway noise begins to dominate highly depends on the type of tire, engine exhaust, road surface, and vehicle condition. (Source)

Assuming all other factors constant- the type of tire will determine how quiet or noisy your ride is. In this guide, we shall be looking at some of the best quietest tires on the market.

The Best Tire for Comfort and Noise

The best tire for comfort and noise is Milestar MS932 Sport All-Season Radial Tire.

This tire is designed to offer the best all-season traction, enhanced handling and cornering grip, and yet a quiet, comfy ride.

It’s designed for drivers of all sorts of sedans, sport coupes, SUVs, minivans, and crossovers.

It boasts a well-carved tread design, and it’s available in different sizes ranging from size 14-20 inches.

The rounded shoulders and large tread blocks increase dry pavement traction and also increases cornering power.

If you drive on wet roads, then you will appreciate the wide circumferential grooves and side sipes that expel water from the tire and also significantly minimizes the risk of hydroplaning.


However, it’s important to note that this tire isn’t designed to handle deep snow and ice- it can, however, handle average snow and ice.

It also features a twin steel-belted construction for durability and strength.

A-List of Quiet Tires: Quietest Tires on the Market

Below are some of the best quiet tires you can get on the market today. Not only are they affordable but also durable and ideal for different terrains.

1. Toyo Tires Open Country A/T II All-Terrain Radial Tire

Quiet Tires

The Toyo Open Country is a massive upgrade for SUV, pickup, and other vehicles.

This tire uses a new desire, tread compound, added tie bars that significantly reduces irregular tire wear.

The new design is wear-resistant compared to the previous model.

According to the manufacturer, this new model gives 40% more tread life.

It also boasts open tread block design and stronger sidewalls that offer improved cornering stability and handling on both wet and dry pavement.

It also features added tie bars between the tread blocks to not only help with wear but also reduce braking distances and increase stability on dry road surfaces.

For the best off-road performance, the tire features stone ejecting blocks and deeper tread grooves.

You get a 65,000 miles tread guarantee on all P-metric sizes and up to 50,000miles guarantee on the LT sizes.

2. Hankook Kinergy PT (H737) all_ Season

The Hankook Kinergy is another great tire that offers all-season performance for sedans, coupes, crossovers, and minivans.

This is a replacement for the previous H727 model.

The manufacturer uses its state of the art all-season tread compound designed to increase handling and traction while at the same time reducing the rolling resistance for better fuel efficiency.

This new design also features sidewalls and stronger tread blocks optimized for durability and improved handling.

It also features 4 wide circumferential grooves and several lateral slots that help get rid of water from the tread at the time, reducing the risk of hydroplaning.

This tire also uses sturdier jointless bead wire to help stiffen the sidewall hence improving handling and response.

It’s available in sizes ranging from 14-18 inches, which sport T or Hi-speed rating.

You get a 90k mile tread warranty with this Hankook model.

3. PIRELLI Scorpion Verde All Season 255/60R18 XL

Quiet Tires

The Pirelli Scorpion is designed for Crossovers, SUVs, and luxurious light trucks.

The manufacturer constructed this tire with eco-friendly materials that lower the overall weight of the tire and also lowers the rolling resistance.

As a result, you get higher fuel efficiency and lower CO2 emissions.

The asymmetric tread pattern improves both handling and surface traction.

This tire also features 4 circumferential grooves along with siping that improves grip on snow or wet road surfaces, therefore, reducing chances of hydroplaning.

This tire also features an optimized tread pitch sequence that helps significantly reduce road noise and vibrations in the car hence giving you quieter rides.

There are two steel belts inside the treads. They are reinforced with nylon cap ply to help with stability while at the same time providing strength at when cruising at higher speeds.

You get a 60,000- or 50,000-miles tread warranty – however, this depends on the tire speed rating.

4. Cooper Evolution Tour All-Season 205/55R16 91T Tire

Cooper evolution tire is an all-season touring tire that allows you to overcome any road condition with confidence.

It is designed to ensure your safety in every turn giving you stability by gripping and flexing while adjusting to different road conditions.

It is designed with lightweight fuel-efficient technology that improves fuel consumption over long-distance, saving you money in the long run.

The tire features the 3D micro-gauge siping technology with tiny channels in the tire called ‘sipes’ designed to increase traction in light snow and rainy road conditions.

In rainy conditions, the channels help in evacuating water away from tire edges to improve tire’s handling.

The 3D micro-gauge technology allows the sipes to go deep into the tread, giving a consistent performance throughout its life.

Besides, the tire has an extended tread life offering you a long-lasting service.

The tire is specially designed to offer a quiet ride, ensuring a smooth and comfortable ride you’ve always dreamt of.

5. Goodyear Wrangler ST Radial

Quiet Tires

Goodyear wrangler is a highway all-season tires for the drivers who are looking for pleasant on-road characteristics, all-season versatility, which includes traction in light snow conditions.

The tires that are branded with the M+S symbol are mostly used as Original Equipment on 2WD and 4WD, truck and pickups, light and medium-duty vans, and sport utility and crossover vehicles.

The package width of the product measures 74.167 cm, while the length is 23.876 cm and a height of 17.526 cm.

Its overall diameter is 29.3 inches, while the tire weight is 27lbs.

The tire can allow a maximum load of of1984 lbs, and its maximum inflation pressure is 44 psi.

It can be a direct replacement of worn-out vehicle original tires.

If available in appropriate sizes, load range, speed rating matches the existing performance category and specifications, they can be used in complete sets of four or axle pairs.

6. Ohtsu FP7000 235/60R16 100H BSW

Ohtsu FP7000 is a high-performance all-season radial tire with asymmetric and non-directional tread pattern.

The product is built with a high- tension carcass construction featuring dual steel belts and a belt cap ply to give better structural strength.

The high-tension construction enables sharp steering response giving high-speed stability and greater tread rigidity.

It delivers enhanced wet performance and maximum water evacuation, ensuring resistance to hydroplaning.

The FP7 ensures a quiet and smooth ride thanks to its variable shoulder tread block design.

The product dimensions are 27.1 x 27.q x 9.3 inches while its rim diameter measures 16 inches.

Its section width is 235 millimeters, while the rim width is 7 inches.

The tire can accommodate a maximum total load capacity of 1764 pounds.

7. Bridgestone Dueler H/L Alenza Plus

Quiet Tires

This tire is made with new tread polymer technology with an improved performance backed up with an 80,000-mile treadwear warranty.

It offers a quiet and comfortable ride thanks to its optimized casing and footprint while improving fuel efficiency at the same time.

The product delivers all-season performance giving you confidence despite the weather.

It can accommodate a load capacity of up to 2337 pounds.

The tire is best for the premium crossovers and SUV’s and light truck drivers to ensure a smooth ride, thanks to Dueler’s symmetrical tread pattern.

It is designed to offer elegance with an edge and all year round traction even in light snow road conditions.

Its continuous center rib and notched shoulder blocks help improve tire highway stability and responsiveness.

The wide circumferential grooves, sipes, and lateral notched increase traction during a foul weather

Its Ever-black sidewall and unique tread pattern sidewall resists fading and also adds your vehicle to give it a luxury appearance.

The tread is composed of 5% recycled rubber reducing the amount of CO2 emitted.

Quiet Tires Buyer Guide

There are several factors to consider before buying tires for your car. Below are some of the most important ones that will ensure that you get quiet tires that meet your specific needs.

quiet tires

Tread blocks

The tread design is a vital area of concern in making your tires quieter.

Tires have varying block sizes from large to small ones.

Smaller tread blocks help reduce the amount of noise produced though they have less traction.

Large tires have more traction in mud terrain, snow tires but end up producing disturbing sounds.

Tread edges

They are also known as shoulders, and their shape contributes a lot to the noise a tire produces.

Highway tires have semi-closed or sloped shoulders that give reduced noise levels.

Open edges are mostly in all-terrain tires, which tend to ne noisier than the highway tires.

Mud terrain, heavy and snow tires have aggressive, open shoulders that are almost square to increase traction, but they cause a lot of noise.

Quiet Tires Voids

These are spaces between the tread blocks.

Highway tires have smaller voids that dampen noise, giving you a quiet and comfortable ride.

Snow, mud, and all-terrain tires have larger voids from one block to the next to improve traction leading to noisier ride.

Speed and weight

If your vehicle carries more loads, then you will have to buy a thick and large tire.

As I earlier mentioned, larger tires make more noise meaning that you will have a noisier journey.

If you have a small vehicle carrying less weight, then a smaller and thin tire will do you good, which means you have a comfortable ride all day long.

The same thing applies to higher speeds where you need thicker tires that can withstand the speed, which tends to be noisier than thin ones.

Weather conditions

Tires meant for harsh weather are noisier due to their safety features and to their size.

Winter tires have bigger voids, which makes them noisier than summer tires, which are quieter, giving you a smooth ride.

Wheel size

A small tire occupies less space on the road meaning that less rubber will be hitting, causing less noise.

A 10-inch car wheel will be quieter than a 12-inch wheel.

Though a bigger wheel may be visually impressive than a small one, you have to choose between quietness and looks.

quiet tires

Final thoughts on Quiet Tires

Some tires are made with materials such as soft rubber, which ensures less noise, giving you a comfortable ride throughout the journey, unlike hard material tires.

Tire pressure is mostly assumed while it plays a part in tire noise.

An over-inflated tire gives poor traction and grip, produces more noise, and its center area wears out faster, and the same applies to under-inflated.

An appropriately inflated tire, on the other hand, reduces the noise levels, reduces fuel consumption while reducing the possibility of wearing in the long run.


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