Quietest Air Rifles: Top 7 Most Quiet Air Rifles for Neighborhood Use

Here is a detailed guide of some of the best quietest air rifles- the most quiet air rifles for neighborhood use.

With quiet air rifle, you’ll be able to hunt varmint, squirrels, and other small rodents in your backyard quietly without causing unwanted noise pollutions.

Even with the proper ear protection gear, a loud air gun can cause induced hearing loss to those next to you or your neighbors.

To avoid this problem, you’ll need to invest in the best quietest air rifle- most quiet air rifle for neighborhood use.

Quietest Air Rifles: A List of the Best Most Quiet Air Rifles for Neighborhood Use

Below is a detailed review of some of the best quiet air rifle for neighborhood use.

1. Benjamin Marauder Synthetic Stock Air Gun

Unlike other rifles where you need to take several shots to stop your target, Benjamin Marauder Synthetic Stock Air Gun makes only one shot. It has an incredible firing power and a velocity of 1100fps.

The rifle is made for neighborhood use, and using it will leave you feeling fulfilled. You can aim at a distant object and hit it with this rifle.

Benjamin Marauder is also a low maintenance rifle.

It is also recommended if you are hunting small animals such as squirrels. However, it is also good at hunting larger animals such as foxes.

It has a four-chamber silencer making it one of the most desired silent rifles for neighborhood use.

It has high pressure, up to 3000 psi, which allows you to adjust to different speeds.

Benjamin Marauder comes with a choked barrel, which means you can have accurate shots.

The rifle also has an adjustable cheekpiece, which allows you to have a consistent shooting.

The rifle also provides you with a good grip, which helps you in taking accurate shots.

2. The Gamo Whisper Fusion

The rifle is among the quietest rifle for neighborhood use that adopts double noise reduction technology. It also has a sound level of 90 decibels.

You will have a good experience when using it because it has fewer vibrations and also provides smooth cocking.

The rifle also adopts Inert Gas Technology (IGT), which helps it fire shots without attracting attention.

The Gamo has an automatic cocking safety system that minimizes rifle accidents. When you take a shot at an animal even at a further distance, you are sure to hit.

The Gamo features a noise suppression technology that muffles both noise and vibrations. The technology also minimizes noise amplification.

The rifle has an adjustable cheekpiece, which is good for both right and left-hand shooters.

It has a top-notch accuracy because of its fluted barrel, which provides the right balance.

The two-stage custom action trigger allows you to be full control of every shot that you take.

The rifle has a Shock Wave Absorber recoil pad that protects you from recoil.

The Gamo Whisper Fusion has a good grip making you enjoy every bit of experience when handling it.

It has a 33mm cylinder, which gives it a firing speed of 1420fps.

3. Hatsan Mod 130S Vortex QE .30 Caliber Air Rifle

Hatsan is also a quite rifle for neighborhood use. It is very powerful as it fires up to 30 caliber pellets.

The pellets are quite expensive because they are among the rarest in the market. But the pellets can even injure a large animal.

Even though you’ll be purchasing an expensive rifle, you’ll actually be getting value for your money.

The rifle comes with a shock absorber that protects you from recoil because it produces recoil when fired.

Because of its quiet nature, you can hunt for rodents or even teach someone how to fire in the backyard.

The rifle has a top rail that allows you to attach on an optic for taking accurate shootings.

It also has an adjustable FPS, which allows you to adjust the hummer spring depending on your comfort level.

Hatson rifle also has shock absorbers, and the barrel has an inbuilt suppressor.

4. Hornet Maxxim Air Rifle

quietest air rifles

If you are looking for a rifle that is easy to use and also quite for neighborhood use, then Hornet Maxxim Air Rifle is a great choice. The rifle has various benefits, including a tremendous firing power.

When using the fireman, you get to have a fantastic experience without disturbing your neighbors with lots of noise. You won’t even spook the target animal when aiming at it.

It has an inert gas technology piston, which allows you to take your shots quietly without disturbing anyone.

It has two noise dampening chambers, which minimizes noise when a shot is fired.

The only downside with this fireman is that its scopes need constant calibration.

5. Bear River Pellet Gun Air Rifle

quietest air rifles

Bear river pellet is an affordable gun that is easy to use even for someone without much experience. Even at a distance of 30 yards, the rifle can hit a target.

You will enjoy the experience this rifle has to offer. Its powerful firing speed makes it a desirable rifle for stopping moving targets.

It has an Iron sight, which gives you an accurate aim at targets.

Bear River Pellet also has a fast velocity of up to 1300fps.

It is also a good rifle for rodents and pest control.

The downside with this rifle is that it is quite heavy for some of the users according to the online reviews.

What Is Quietest Air Rifle:  Most Quiet Air Rifle for Neighborhood Use?

quietest air rifles

The best most quiet air rifle for neighborhood use is Gamo Silent Cat Air Rifle.

Another quiet rifle for neighborhood use is the Gamo Silent Cat Air rifle.

It boasts of lots of features, including its sleek design.

The rifle has both manual trigger safety and automatic cocking system to ensure you are protected when using it.

The firearm gives you a comfortable experience, and you won’t even bother your neighbors with its noise.

Silent Cat is also considered one of the quietest rifles because it has a non-removable noise dampener.

Gamo Silent Cat has one of the best firing powers a rifle can have.

It is also silent even when you are aiming at your target; it won’t be alarmed and run.

It has a ventilated rubber pad that provides a perfect recoil absorption.

The Gamo Silent Cat has a good grip that gives you accuracy when taking a shot.

The rifle also performs best irrespective of the weather conditions thanks to its all-weather stock.

The rifle is also good for both left and right-hand users because of its twin cheek pas.

The Silent Cat is an excellent rifle to use even for those without firearm experience. You can easily cock the rifle and take a shot of your target.

Though the rifle does not have an adjustable trigger, it’s still a good rifle for anyone looking to hunt in the neighborhood.

Quietest Air Rifle: Most Quiet Air Rifles for Neighborhood Use Buyer Guide

There are several essential factors that you should consider to get the best air rifle.

Below is a detailed guide on some of the most important factors to take into consideration when shopping for the quietest air rifle.

quietest air rifles

Noise Levels

The first and the most important factor to take into consideration, in this case, is the noise levels.

After all, you want an air rifle that you can use in your backyard without alarming your neighbors.

Luckily, all the air rifles reviewed in this guide are all quiet models and hence an excellent recommendation for neighborhood use.

However, amongst all, one rifle stands out as the best-is Gamo Silent Car Air Rifle.

Power Source

There are three power source options you can choose from. They include spring-piston, pre-charged pneumatic, and gas ram/gas-piston options.

Some other air rifles use CO2 as their power source- however, none of the air guns reviewed above use this gas.

If you want an air gun that’s pretty easy to operate, then pre-charged pneumatic is the most recommended.

Most PCP charged guns have more ammo clips allowing you to get several shots in one load.

Caliber Options

Your gun caliber is the determinant of the size/type of bullet it can shoot. The smaller the caliber, the faster the bullet.

In this case, the .177 cal has the highest fps.

For this reason, .177 are highly preferred in competitive shooting.

On the other hand, .20 cal is excellent for power and speed. Air guns in this range are considered as dual purpose as they can be used for recreational shooting as well as for small pest control.

Lastly, there’s .22 cal, which offers great deal damage. They are mostly preferred by those who hunt small game.

Air gun Trigger and Safety

All the air guns in this guide have a 2-stage trigger. While the trigger sensitivity varies from one brand to the next, it’s safer, especially for beginners.

It’s important to note that adjusting the gun trigger requires a bit of experience, and hence it’s very important to seek assistance, especially when you’re a newbie.

There are two types of safety feature in guns.

There’s an automatic and manual safety feature, with the latter being the most common.

Automatic safety automatically locks the trigger every time you cock the gun. This feature is excellent in terms of safety. However, some people find it boring because they have to release the safety with each firing.

What Make an Air Rifle Quiet?

Quiet air rifles are equipped with noise dampening technologies that significantly reduce unwanted noises.

The sound dampener is installed at the tip of the barrel.

However, some well-known brands, such as the Raptor Whisper Air Rifle, utilize patented noise reduction, which makes them super silent.

Final thoughts on Quietest Air Rifle: Most Quiet Air Rifles for Neighborhood Use

Above are some of the quietest air rifles considered as the most quiet air rifles for neighborhood use.

With any of the recommended gun above, you’ll be able to hunt small game and shoot vermin in your backyard without annoying your neighbors.


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