Quietest Bed Frames: Best Bed Frame for Sexually Active Couple

The quietest bed frames are considered to be the best bed frame for sexually active couples or anyone who want to have a quiet and squeakless night.

A solid night’s sleep is one of the best things you can do for your health. (Source)

On the other hand, as an active couple, you need a quiet bed frame that won’t annoy your neighbors during your sexual encounters.

A quiet bed frame won’t make noises or wake your partner as you toss, turn or switch positions.

This significantly helps reduce impact and airborne noise, allowing you and those next to you to sleep peacefully.

Below is a detailed guide of the best quietest bed frames.

A-List of Quietest Bed Frames on the Market

There are different types of quiet bed frames. They vary depending on slat sizing and design, as well as the number of legs.

1. Simple Houseware 14-inch Platform Bed Frame

This Houseware creation comes with a solid construction, a sturdy build, and a simple design that will work in most bedrooms.

While the frame looks simple, the bed’s weight capacity can go up to 500 pounds making it one of the best quietest bed frames available.

The bed stands at 14-inches, so you get a 13-inch storage space under the bed.

You do not need an extra box spring with this frame, and you have the freedom to use latex, spring, or memory foam mattress on the frame.

The design ensures that your mattress is well enclosed, so it doesn’t slip or slide.

Since its compact, it is perfect if yours is a small bedroom.

To top it all, assembly is easy, so you do not need a professional when fixing it.

It doesn’t come with a headboard, but it is compatible with those available.

2. Mellow Platform Metal Bed Frame

The Mellow Platform has a steel slat foundation and heavy-duty construction.

It offers better stability compared to other platform bed frames, not to mention the overall durability.

The design is relatively modern, with its low profile and hinged corners.

If you have a contemporary bedroom theme, this frame is a great addition that will complement the rest of your décor.

With all-metal construction, you can expect minimal if any movement.

The frame is engineered to be noise-free, and it comes complete this a clip-lock feature, so all parts fit perfectly.

The smooth finish adds to the frame’s beauty. You are also guaranteed that your bed will not rust in case it comes into contact with water.

Assembly is easy since there are no many parts involved. You can get this frame in twin, queen, full, and king sizes.

3. Olee Sleep Heavy Duty Bedframe

This Olee Sleep creation boasts of heavy steel construction and elegant design.

Overall dimensions are 76.5 “X55.5″ X53.5, so the frame will fit a standard mattress without any need for a box spring.

Thanks to the overall sturdiness, this frame is perfect if you have a deluxe mattress.

The leg edges are rounded, which protects you against bruises and also adds to the frame stability.

Olee Sleep creation is easy to assemble.

The manufacturer even provides an easy-to-follow installation guide, so you have the frame all assembled in a few minutes.

While the price is a bit high, it is the perfect choice if you are looking for a durable frame.

It will be much cheaper in the long run, and you can expect to enjoy many years of comfort and quiet.

4. LUCID Upholstered Bed with Square Tufted Headboard

This Lucid bed features a classic linen upholstery, sturdy wood construction, and simple yet sleek design.

It is an excellent choice if you are looking for a visually appealing and functional frame.

The frame is fitted with wood slats, strategically spaced, so your mattress has adequate support.

With this support, there is little if any chance of noise, and you don’t need to invest in a box spring.

It’s available in different sizes ranging from twin to California king.

You also get it in four colors: cobalt, stone, pearl, and charcoal.

Assembly is easy, and with a Phillips Head screwdriver to tighten the screws, you can have your frame up in minutes.

The manufacturer offers a lifetime warranty on this frame so you can be sure of quality and durability.

5. ZIYOO 14 Inch Platform Metal Bed Frame

Quietest Bed Frames

This ZIYOO creation comes with 9 legs offering adequate support for a couple weighing up to 350 pounds.

It is a perfect choice if you are looking for a sturdy frame that guarantees quietness for years.

It’s made using high-quality steel that is both strong and durable.

According to the manufacturer, the frame is over 20% sturdier than the average one.

To ensure that your floors are protected, the legs are fitted with plastic inserts. You can choose this frame if you are keen to protect your bedroom floors.

With this frame, you get 115.5 inches of under-bed storage, which is enough to stuff a few things you may need out of sight.

The slates are wooden, and they are padded to ensure that your mattress stays in perfect condition for longer.

6. AmazonBasics Metal Frame

Quietest Bed Frames

This is a simple yet sturdy frame that will work if you are looking for an affordable, quiet bedframe. The frame is designed to support weights of up to 250 pounds.

It has a black finish, and it is designed in a way that no tools are needed during assembly.

Movable parts are few, and they lock perfectly when you assembled, so you never have to worry about noise.

Depending on size, this bedframe will work perfectly in a dorm room, kids’ bedroom, apartment, guest room, or even a master suite.

Since assembling and dissembling is easy, you quickly clear the space if you need to clean the carpet, replace the floor, or move.

Sizes range from twin to Californian king. You can also get the frame in twin x-large.

What is the Quietest Bed Frame for Sexually Active Couple?

Quietest Bed Frames

The quietest bed frame for sexually active couple is Zinus Arnav Metal Frame. It’s perfect if you like low-profile beds.

If you would rather not have under bed storage, the Zinus Arnav frame is for you.

The overall bed is about 10 inches high, and space underneath adds to 7 inches or thereabout.

To support the frame are five sturdy legs that are sure to keep your bed stable.

The metal used all round is high in quality and comes with a rust-resistant coating.

All the steel parts are padded with foam, which takes care of squeak, making this an excellent buy if you are looking for the quietest bedframe.

To ensure that your mattress is well-supported, this frame comes with 10 strong wooden slates.

The slates are fitted with non-slip tape so they can hold your latex, memory foam, hybrid, or spring mattress.

You can get this frame in king, queen, twin, and full sizes.

Quietest Bed Frames: Best Bed Frame for Sexually Active Couple Buyer Guide

There are several important factors to consider before investing your money in a bed frame. I have highlighted some of the most important factors to take into consideration when shopping for the quietest bed frame.


Your choice here will mostly boil down to either metal or wood. Both of these materials have their strengths and weaknesses.

For example, metal frames are generally more durable.

However, the material used and general construction will affect their durability.

Steel beds are among the most durable in the market.

Unlike wood, this metal will not splinter or warp with time, and you will never have to worry about rotting.

Metal frames today come in different designs and finishes. You can be sure to find that will match all your needs.

Wood frames, on the other hand, are hard to resist thanks to their aesthetic appeal. This material is also strong and can last long if well taken care of.

Popular woods used to make bed frames include oak, maple, poplar, and pine. Other hardwoods and softwoods may also be used.

A hardwood frame will last for many years if you can keep it dry and away from wood pests. Some manufacturers also use well-cured softwood that works as well as the hardwood varieties.

In most cases, the wood is coated with varnish, making it heat, water, alcohol, and abrasion-resistant. The varnish can be either clear or colored, so you can choose whichever stain works for you.

If you want the quietest bed frames made of wood, stay away from those made using MDF, plywood or chipboard. These may be much cheaper, but you can be sure that they will not stand the test of time.

quietest bed frame

Mattress Size

You want to get a bed frame that fits your mattress like a glove.

If you do not know whether your mattress is a king or a California king, just measure it before going shopping.

Standard sizes are

38 x 75 inches for twin

53/54 x 75 inches for full or double

60 x 80 inches for a queen

76 x 80 inches for a king

72 x 84 inches for California King

Measure the space in the bed frame and ensure that it is the perfect match for your mattress.


If you are looking for quietest bed frames, then a squeaky bed is the last thing you need.

In most cases, frames with many movable parts are more likely to squeak when the screws or parts are not well aligned.

If possible, choose a bed frame with minimal assembly and little moving parts. Also, check the material quality and see what different users have to say about the bed frame you have in mind.


Bedframes come in different styles. Resist the temptation to get excited over murphy, storage compartments, and canopy, among other features.

For quietest bed frames, you are better of keeping your choices limited to traditional and platform styles.

Traditional frames are simple, and they are designed to be used together with a box spring. If you do not use a box spring with this frame, your mattress will obviously sag due to a lack of proper support.

On the other hand, platform beds come with many support slates mostly made of metal, wood, or laminate. They are perfect if you do not want the extra hustle of getting a box spring.

On Quietest Bed Frames: Best Bed Frame for Sexually Active Couple

Above are some of the quietest bed frames you can get on the market today.

They are also the best bed frames for a sexually active couple.

In most cases, we tend to lay our focus on our mattresses as the focus of proper sleep and end up neglecting the frame.

The quietest bed frame, paired with a comfy mattress, plays an important role in ensuring we aren’t sleep deprived.


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