Quietest Hair Dryer: Top 9 Silent Blow Hair Dryers

Best Quiet Hair Dryer: while the human perception of noise is entirely different, there’s one thing that we can all agree is never quiet- a hairdryer.

According to an article published on the News on Health website, a typical hair dryer has sound ratings of 85 decibels. (Source)

Frequent exposures to hairdryer noise can result in hearing damage, and the louder the noise, the faster the damage.

If you run a salon or frequently operate a hairdryer, then you could be at risk of noise-induced hearing loss. (Source)

You will need a quiet hairdryer in this case.

A-List of Best Quiet Hair Dryer

Below is a detailed guide on some of the best quiet hair dryers you can get on the market today.

We’ve also included a buyer guide to enable you to discover other important factors to take into consideration before making the final decision.

1. Senndio 1875w Tourmaline

The Senndio 1875w Tourmaline hair dryer comes with a professional DC motor that is sure to deliver outstanding results.

With the 1875w ultra-strong wind, you can completely dry your hair in minutes.

Thanks to the Negative Ion Tourmaline function, this dryer will not only smooth your hair but also lock in moisture.

This guarantees that your hair is protected against heat damage, and you can enjoy a silky, frizz-free mane.

With the Senndio 1875w, you get three heat and two speed settings so you can style your hair in different ways.

The attached concentrator/diffuser also expands the dryer’s versatility.

This hair dryer is made of high-quality matte material, and the construction is exceptionally solid.

The ergonomic design makes the dryer easy to handle, not to mention the conveniently placed operating buttons.

2. KIPOZI 1875W Ionic Dryer

best quiet hair dryer

This KIPOZI creation is yet another ionic blow dryer you can use without having to worry about heat damage.

You can rest easy knowing that your natural hair moisture is locked in.

The added diffuser and concentrator attachment will help you achieve different styles and add volume to your hair.

The hair dryer comes with two speeds and three heat settings.

You get to choose the best heat and flow speed for your hair.

The powerful 1875 motor delivers the perfect balance between efficient drying and quiet operation.

You can wash and dry your hair when the rest of your household sleeps without having to worry.

Additional features include a cool shot button that delivers cool air to seal your hair cuticle and a removable filter.

You will also get a practical hanging ring, a 6.5 fee-long power cord, and an ALCI safety plug.

3. Chic Republic Travel Ceramic Dryer

This Chic Republic creation is small and lightweight, making it perfect if you are looking for the best quite hair dryer for travelling.

The dryer is so small that it will fit in your overnight bag so you can take it with you wherever you go.

The ceramic and ionic technology ensures that your hair is protected from heat.

You can use this hair dryer daily without having to worry about damaging your hair.

This Chic Republic dryer is created to leave your hair shiny but without the frizz.

Just wait until the heat indicator light turns on to show that the cool air that will achieve your desired look is ready.

Since hair comes in different types, this dryer comes with two diffuser nozzles so you can choose whichever option works for your hair.

To top it all, you get a one-year guarantee against manufacturer defects.

4. Revlon Lightweight Quiet Dryer

best quiet hair dryer

As the name suggests, this hair dryer is both quiet and light, making it user friendly.

The dryer is fitted with a unique fan that runs quietly while quickly drying your hair.

The air inlets are U-shaped to further improve drying time.

With two speeds and two heat settings, you can also customize this hair dryer to match your needs.

The ceramic coating helps ensure optimal heat, so the hair dries out without losing its natural moisture.

A smoothing concentrator is included with this dryer.

This allows for precise drying and hairstyling.

It helps that the dryer is compact and lightweight, so it is easy on your hand.

You can effortlessly achieve a blow out in a matter of minutes, and all this comes without any hair damage.

5. Bangder Folding Hair Dryer

This Bangder dryer comes with large drying force, low noise, a strong professional DC motor. The unit cuts air-drying time by over 50%, making it the perfect hair tool when you are in a rush.

The heat is well distributed throughout the heating element, so there is no chance of damage to the strands.

With the low magnetic-wave structure, your hair is also protected against radiation.

The Banger hair dryer’s filter is removable for easy cleaning.

Thanks to the dense mesh in the filter, it is impossible for the dryer to suck in your hair.

The outer shell is made of a Nylon, which is highly resistant to high temperatures.

This dryer is also fitted with an overheating protection unit for enhanced safety.

The manufacturer offers a 12-month guarantee against defects.

6. Pansonic IONITY EH5305P-T

best quiet hair dryer

This is yet another outstanding Panasonic creation. The dryer is designed to dry your hair fast while leaving it moist and hydrated.

Thanks to its lightweight design, this dryer is easy to handle, and it is generally smaller than the standard versions you will find on the market.

Understanding how the different settings work is easy, making this a perfect dryer is you want a simple yet efficient hair dryer.

It is important to note that the Pansonic IONITY EH5305P-T is made for the Japanese market.

The 100v device might get extra hot when plugged in the 120v outlets you find in the US.

However, with the right adapter, you can use this dryer at the correct voltage.

The fact that the dryer’s handle is foldable makes this a perfect option if you are looking for a travel dryer.

7. HSI Professional Dryonizer

The Dryonizer Max Turbo comes with a unique design where weight distribution is centralized, easing pressure in the wrist.

With an 1875 ionic ceramic motor, this dryer is sure to dry your hair fast without drying its natural moisture.

While the turbo engine is quite powerful, this dryer runs quietly.

It is perfect if you are looking for a quiet hair dryer that will work fast with minimal effort on your part.

This Dryonizer dryer comes with buttonless controls, so it is impossible to accidentally change the settings.

There are also two air nozzles included so you can enjoy greater precision while styling your hair.

Thanks to its compact design, this dryer is perfect if you are a frequent traveler.

The dryer comes with dual voltage, so you never have to worry about compromising its integrity wherever you plug it.

8. MHU Infrared Ionic Dryer

best quiet hair dryer

This MHU hair dryer comes with ionic technology, so your hair is protected against heat damage.

Other parts include a smoothing concentrator, an AC motor, and a volumizing diffuser.

The 1875W motor works fast to dry hair, leaving it bright and frizz-free. It is perfect for those mornings. You are running late and need to dry your hair quick.

This hair dryer comes with two speeds and three settings.

Included is also a cool shot button, and all these make it possible for you to customize the dryer to match your needs.

The dryer’s rear filter is removable for easier cleaning.

If you want your MHU dryer to last long, ensure that the filter is cleaned regularly.

The manufacturer has also included a safety plug and leakage protection, so you are safeguarded against leakage or a short circuit.

Best Quiet Hair Dryer Buyer Guide

If you want the best quiet hair dryer, below are some of the features to keep in mind when you go shopping.

best quiet hair dryer

Heating Type

Hair dryers generally come with three heating technologies. These include nichrome coil wire, negative ionization, and ceramic coating.

You may find some nichrome coil wire dryers that have a ceramic or tourmaline coating.

The coating allows even distribution of heat, so the hair is not scorched during the drying process.

The negative ion technology is by far the most advanced in the market.

This technology breaks the water molecules, so your hair dries faster.

Dryers with a ceramic coating will ensure that your strands are heated evenly, so no damage is done.

The same applies to the negative ion technology that also works to lock in the hair’s natural moisture.

Dual Air Flow

This is the innovation that ensures that the hair dryer remains quiet.

With this feature, you can use your dryer at night without waking the rest of your household.

Before buying your hair dryer, check the decibel noise level and settle for whichever option works for you.

All the above hair dryers run quietly, and they would be an excellent place to start when you go shopping.


Hair dryer wattage generally falls between 1400 and 1800 watts.

The dryer with lower wattage tends to be less noisy when compared to the higher wattage varieties.

However, these low rate dryers will take longer to dry your hair.

It is not uncommon to find quiet hair dryers with up to 1875 watts.

These often use dual airflow and highly efficient fans that work fast yet run quietly.

Barrel Length

The barrel length often affects noise levels.

Hair dryers with shorter barrels tend to be quieter while compared to the long barrel ones.

Manufacturers often have to strike a balance between barrel length, fan strength, and wattage.

A short barrel may run quietly, but it can also lead to burns and hair damage if the other factors are not well considered.

Motor Type

Hair dryers come with two motor types, DC and AC.

The alternate current hair dryers are generally quieter compared to the direct current ones.

However, there is a tradeoff. The AC hair dryers tend to be heavier than the DC units.


How Do You Dry Your Hair Quietly?

Being a girl and loving to have your hair done, you probably spend hours drying and styling it. Unfortunately, it’s often this process that wakes everyone up in the morning as the sound of your hairdryer or curling tongs reverberates throughout the house.

Choose an in-the-shower conditioner

A conditioner that you apply to your hair in the shower before rinsing off, instead of a separate styling product, will prevent tangles and knots during brushing or drying.

The key benefit however, is that it won’t dry out your hair as quickly so you won’t need to step in front of the mirror and blast your hair with heat to speed things up.

Dry in sections

To avoid creating frizz, pick up individual sections of your hair to dry rather than just grabbing all of it at once.

This will also allow you to control each section better so that the entire surface area dries without any hot spots being left behind.

Tuck it away

If you have natural curls or waves, don’t brush your hair once completely dry.

There’s no need to do so and it’ll just cause frizz which could ruin the shape of your styles. Instead, keep it tied up in a towel for as long as possible before undressing from it and giving your hair a quick blast with the hairdryer.

Blow-dry on cool

Setting your hairdryer to it’s lowest setting will result in less damage to both your hair and scalp, which is always a bonus when you’re routinely exposing them to heat styling.

A cold setting will also cause much less noise than a hot one so this is definitely worth considering.

Use the right brush

If you have dyed hair, try using a coarse-toothed paddle brush which will be kinder than a brush with fine, tickly bristles.

We also advise investing in a large round brush to use during blow-drying that’s both wide and heavy. This will allow hair to dry quickly while producing a smooth finish.

Invest in a hair-dryer diffuser

A simple yet effective way of reducing noise is to attach a diffuser to the end of your hairdryer before using it.

Not only will this help reduce frizz, but it’ll also prevent any loud popping or clicking noises caused when the heat hits your hair.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What can I use instead of a hair dryer?

There are several alternatives to using a conventional hair dryer. The first is to let your hair air dry naturally, which may take several hours.

You can also try using tepid water and gentle-pressure massaging with your fingers to speed up the process. You could try an anti-frizz cream or a lightweight leave-in conditioner.


Final Thoughts on Best Quiet Hair Dryer

The best quiet hairdryer won’t be dead silent.

However, it’ won’t damage your ears and will make your hair styling sessions much better.

While noise level is an important factor in any dryer, there are also other factors to take into consideration as well.

Check out the buyer guide to find out other factors to consider as well. Also Read: https://mummysam.com/quietest-fan/


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