Quietest RV Air Conditioner: Who Makes the Quietest RV Air Conditioner

The quietest RV air conditioner will keep the temperatures at ideal levels as you take your adventures on the road.

A quiet RV air conditioner can be a perfect companion to a quiet RV generator or RV quiet mini-fridge.

These appliances operate quietly at an acceptable noise decibel rating, and you’ll appreciate how quietly they operate.

Below is a detailed guide on some of the best quietest RV air conditioners on the market today.

A-List of the Quietest RV Air Conditioners on the Market

There are several quiet RV air conditioners on the market. Be sure to pick on that meets your specific requirements.

1. Dometic Brisk II B59516.XX1J0

Dometic Brisk II B59516.XX1J0 is a light, quiet, and environmentally friendly air conditioner. It comes in a smart design that allows maximum airflow and optimal performance.

The air conditioner is not only high performance, but it is also energy efficient.

All parts are made to last, and everything from the engineering to the design is just done right.

Compared to the previous model, the Dometic Brisk II offers a 15% increase in airflow. It is also 19% lighter.

The nominal capacity for this air conditioner is 15,000 BTU/hour.

The electricity rating is 115V AC.

Where installation is concerned, you can either go for the ducted or non-ducted variety.

Whatever your choice, the installation process is easy, and the unit comes with all instructions, so there is no need to hire a professional.

The manufacturer offers a 2-year limited warranty for this unit.

2. Airxcel MACH 15

This Airxcel air conditioner is designed to offer optimal cooling.

With a strong airflow and a CFM OF 320, this air conditioner is the perfect solution for ducted systems.

The MACH 15 features a 1/3 HP motor, all-copper tubing, and a large evaporator that makes it easier for the unit to dissipate heat.

This air conditioner also comes in a streamlined shape, so the cooling and airflow are enhanced. The compact design also helps make installation easy.

This Airxcel conditioner comes with condenser coil protection.

The joints are also gas-flux brazed to ensure longevity.

If you are looking for a dependable RV air conditioner that will deliver as promised and offer consistent service for years, the Airxcel MACH 15 is a perfect choice.

3. ASA Electronics ACM135B

Quietest RV Air Conditioner

This is a high-quality, 13,500 BTU, and 115-Volt AC Power rooftop air conditioner.

The unit is designed to withstand all challenges that come with the RV environment and ensure optimal comfort.

The ASA electronics air conditioner comes with a metal base pan and a thick and watertight gasket with six foam support pads.

Additionally, the exterior is finished with a smooth coating that protects the unit from the elements.

This conditioning unit is designed to fit a standard 14.2 by 14.25inches Vent Opening.

It is compact and will be inconspicuous once installed.

Just like others on this list, this air conditioner runs quietly compared to others in the market.

It helps that it is also reasonably priced, making it an ideal pick if you are on a tight budget.

4. Furrion Replacement Air Conditioner

Quietest RV Air Conditioner

As the name suggests, this is a replacement unit for an AC setup already in place.

The unit comes with a 14,500 BTU air conditioner, a conversion kit, thermostat, and an air distribution box.

Mounting and electrical components are also included.

All parts are made to the highest quality to ensure that this rooftop air conditioner is sturdy and durable.

This Furrion unit is designed to be energy efficient.

It comes with two fans, each with its motor for enhanced air circulation.

The VibrationSmart technology ensures that the unit runs quietly while the UV-resistant cover guarantees protection of internal components from debris and water.

This unit is compatible with ductless and ducted systems.

Installation is easy, and the manufacturer offers a two-year guarantee for the air conditioner.

5. Dometic H551916AXX1J0 Blizzard NXT

Quietest RV Air Conditioner

This Dometic creation comes with an attractive aerodynamic design, efficient cooling and heating, and a high-impact injection-molded base and shroud pan.

The air conditioner is fitted with a powerful fan and motor that delivers 350 CFM in airflow.

Additionally, the engineering promotes airflow and better cooling through the evaporator coils.

The Blizzard NXT is perfect if you want to keep your RV warm during the cold seasons and cool in summer.

Since the unit operates on 115V AC power, you do not have to worry about altering the wiring.

This air conditioner has been tested for durability, even when exposed to the most extreme weather conditions.

You can be sure that it will ensure that you enjoy optimal comfort in your RV and deliver consistent service for many years.

6. Airxcel 08-0079 Coleman- Mac

Quietest RV Air Conditioner

Airxcel Mach 3 Plus has a cool/heat capacity of 13,500 and an element capacity of 5,600.

It comes second on the list of most powerful Coleman-Mach air conditioners and performs relatively well compared to others on this list.

The Colman Mach 3 plus delivers 320 CFM airflow and will considerably reduce the temperature in your RV after running for just a short duration.

The air conditioner comes with a huge evaporator.

This, plus the condenser coils with their raised lance fins, are perfect for dissipating heat.

You can count on this air-conditioner’s reliability as far as maintaining a cool environment is concerned.

The copper tubes and brazed joints are designed to last and ensure that the unit delivers as promised even after years of continuous service.

A cover that will protect your air conditioning unit from the elements is included.

Quietest RV Air Conditioner Buyer Guide

There are several factors to consider before buying a quiet RV air conditioner.

Below are some of the most important factors that will ensure that you get the quietest RV air conditioner that meets your specific requirements.

Ducted/ Non-Ducted

RV air conditioners come in two types, ducted and non-ducted.

The ducted air conditioner connects to the ducting system inside your RV.

This way, cold air is evenly distributed throughout the RV.

This type of air conditioner is perfect for large RVs.

You can easily control the environment in multiple rooms as cold air passes through the walls, floors, and ceilings.

A non-ducted AC blows cold air in the direction of the output nozzle.

Since the air doesn’t go through any piping, this air conditioner is only ideal when you want to cool a specific room.

While the non-ducted variety may be cheaper, you are better off with a ducted air conditioner if you own a mobile home.

A non-ducted AC may work in emergencies but consider investing in the more economical and practical ducted variety.

Weight and size

Does your RV have the cargo capacity to accommodate your AC of choice? Be sure to check this first before settling on an AC unit.

You also need to check the unit’s space and ensure that it is large enough to accommodate the AC you have in mind.

The height is also another essential factor to consider.

Since most of these Air conditioners are installed on the rooftop, an increased height impacts aerodynamics and fuel efficiency.

There is also height clearance and problems that may arise when passing under tunnels and bridges.

Cooling Capacity

Check the cooling capacity and go for the unit to deliver the results you are looking for.

Your decision should be informed by the size of the RV, areas you plan to visit, and RV room design, among other factors.

A reliable AC unit should deliver at least 13,500 BTU power.

This will keep a considerably large RV cool on the hottest of days.

Noise level

All air conditioners produce some noise, and the more powerful varieties are noisier.

However, modern units come with quiet technology so you can enjoy restful nights and naps and a comfortable environment by day.

Check for the steps the manufacturer has taken to ensure that the AC runs quietly.

You can also check customer reviews on quiet RV AC units and their overall performance.

Power consumption

RV air conditioning units consume a lot of power.

Be sure to check this consumption and see whether it matches your portable generator’s output.

Go for a low consumption air conditioning unit if you do not have much power at your disposal.

You can also check the environmentally friendly varieties that are energy efficient and cause minimal harm to your surroundings.

If you plan to connect your RV to the power in your destination, consider the compatibilities with your AC, among other electric gadgets.

The aim is to keep your air conditioning running in whichever part of the country you are visiting.

Heating Extension

RV air conditioners are powerful enough to handle both cooling and heating.

If you spend a considerable amount of time in your RV, you should consider getting an air conditioner with a heat strip or pump.

This way, you can enjoy some warmth when the temperatures outside drop.

While the heating extension comes at an additional cost, it makes a lot of sense if you like using your RV throughout the year.

Air Purifier

Some RV ACs do not come with an air-purifying system.

If you are prone to allergies or are sensitive to odors, go for an air conditioning unit with an air purifier.

Final thoughts on Quietest RV Air Conditioner

Investing in the quietest RV air conditioner is a wise decision, especially when you want to achieve quiet road adventures.

And because AC units are often loud, even the wall-mount AC’s, a quiet one can be heaven-sent.

If you’re still not sure which model is the quietest and perfect for your RV, then I would recommend the Dometic Brisk II B59516.XX1J0.


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