Silent Airbrush Compressor: Top 6 Quiet Models on the Market

Choosing the best silent airbrush compressor for your garage/workshop is the least important but also the most expensive step.

There are three important questions to ask yourself before investing in an air compressor.

    • How noisy/quiet is the air compressor? (Source)
    • What capacity do you need?
  • Is power an issue?

In this guide, we’ve compiled a detailed list of some of the best silent airbrush compressors on the market today.

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A-List of the Best Silent Airbrush Compressors

Here is a comprehensive review of some of the best silent airbrush compressors you can get on the market today. However, if you’re on a budget, you can read this guide on how to make an air compressor quieter.

1. VIVOHOME 110-120V Airbrushing Paint System

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The VIVOHOME 110-120V is a multipurpose airbrushing system fitted with three versatile fluid tips designed for optimal performance.

The tips can inflate, paint, spray, and work as an intelligent solution for most airbrush jobs.

This airbrushing paint system comes with a 1/5HP air compressor and a mounted airbrush holder that can accommodate two brushes.

The compressor delivers top-notch, powerful continuous pressure, and it is designed to automatically turn off in case the motor comes close to overheating.

If you are looking for professional results and consistent performance, this VIVOHOME creation is a good choice.

Thanks to its multiple functions feature, you can use for commercial art, sunless tanning, temporary tattoos, cake decoration, costume make-up, and retouches, among other airbrushing activities.

2. ZENY Pro 1/5 HP Airbrush Compressor

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The ZENY Pro 1/5 HP is an excellent choice if you are on a tight budget.

Aside from being affordable, this airbrush compressor comes with 1/5 Horsepower, which means that it delivers more PSI and CFM than the average compressor.

This compressor is compact and lightweight, which makes it easy to carry.

Thanks to its size, you can place the ZENY compressor on a table or any other work station, and with an inbuilt handle, moving it around is easy.

The oil-less piston motor makes this a maintenance-free unit that will work even for food decoration.

Additionally, the low noise of 59 dB makes this a perfect choice if you are concerned about noise.

The ZENY Pro 1/5 HP Airbrush Compressor is versatile and can be used for crafting, art, cake decoration, tattoo, and costume make up.

3. PointZero 1/5 HP Compressor

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This airbrush compressor is a quiet yet powerful product that will deliver 1/5 horsepower.

The compressor is tankless and comes with an innovative precision-forged tip known to produce little noise(55dB).

You can automatically turn the compressor on and off through the preset feature.

This product runs continuously until the pressure gets to 58psi, and then it cycles off to allow the pressure to drop to about 40psi.

Thanks to the oil-less design, this compressor can be used for food decoration.

The water trap and integrated gauge make it easy for you to make precise adjustments and change the airflow for a clean and perfect job.

As a bonus, this compressor comes with 7 exclusive guides so you know all the ways you can use it both at work and around the house.

4. F2C TC-20T 1/5HP Air Compressor

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The F2C TC-20T comes with 1/5 horsepower, quiet operation, and an automatic on/off feature.

It is known for its quality and reliability, and thanks to an oil-less piston motor, the compressor can be used for decorating food.

This compressor is fitted with a true diaphragm regulator, a water trap filter, and a gauge, and these parts work together to ensure precise airflow for a clean and dry job.

Air is produced on demand at the pressure that you want.

The thermal regulated feature ensures that the compressor automatically goes off before the unit is overheated.

This will ensure that your unit stays in perfect condition and delivers the results you expect for years.

5. Master Airbrush Airbrushing Kit for Cake Decorating

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As the name suggests, this airbrushing system is designed with cake decorating in mind.

The unit comes complete with twelve Chefmaster Food Colors and a detailed how-to guide.

This Master Airbrush creation is perfect if you want superior performance.

The unit has a pressure regulator fitted with a water trap filter and a gauge, a dual airbrush holder, a six-foot air hose, and a quick start guide.

The manufacturer offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If the airbrush fails to work as expected within one year of the compressor fails anywhere within five years, you can get a replacement or a refund.

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned cake decorating artist, this airbrush system will serve you well.

With a fluid tip of 0.35mm and a color cup that holds up to 1/6, you are guaranteed of a perfect job.

What Is the Best Silent Airbrush Compressor?

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The best silent airbrush compressor is Master professional compressor.

It comes with an airbrushing system of three brushes.

The G22 dual-action airbrush feeds the fluid cup through gravity, the S68 precision brush feeds the 0.35mm tip brush, and lastly, the E91single action feed brush.

This compressor also has a water trap fitted with a pressure regulator in addition to an inbuilt airbrush holder that accommodates two brushes.

With a noise rating of 47 decibels, this is among the quietest running compressors in the market.

You use it even with a child sleeping in the next room and never need to worry about noise.

The air pressure range is between 0 and 57 psi.

Additionally, there is an off-and-on auto feature you can preset to ensure you do not go below or beyond a certain pressure level.

Silent Airbrush Compressor Buyer Guide

Below are a few factors to consider before buying a silent airbrush compressor for cake decorating or painting.

Noise Levels

Powerful compressors tend to be a bit noisier when compared to the less powerful ones.

However, some units come with noise-reducing features so you can work in a quiet environment.

Most of the units highlighted above produce a low noise of between 40-59 decibels.

If you can find a compressor that will get the job done in the 40-dB range, the better.

60 dB is considered the safest level compressor noise can go.

Anything beyond this is harmful to you, and you may need to get some protective gear for your ears.

Even if you are looking for a professional unit, try to choose one whose noise levels fall below 60 dB.

Silent Airbrush Compressor
Silent Airbrush Compressor

Regulator and Pressure Gauge

A regulator makes it easy for you to control the pressure sent from the compressor tank to the airbrush.

A regulator also works to help control the pressure, so you get a clean job at the end of the day.

While seasoned users may not need these two features, beginners find them useful before they can muster the pressure that delivers the results they want.

If you have not used a compressor before, get one with a pressure gauge and a regulator.

Moisture Trap

As the name suggests, moisture traps collect water to ensure that the air produced is both dry and clean.

This feature will ensure that you end up with fewer paint defects thanks to reduced moisture.

Please remember to drain this trap regularly.

In case the compressor you buy doesn’t have this trap, you can purchase one and install it with relative ease.

If you are stuck, get in touch with the manufacturer and let professionals answer all your moisture trap questions.

The how-to guide may also contain adequate information on how to fit a moisture trap and offer recommendations for the best varieties.

Automatic On/Off Function

This feature serves to reduce noise and also help in energy conservation.

With this feature, your unit will automatically go off when you are not using it, and the noise levels can drop to 75%.

Thanks to this feature, you will also consume much less energy in the long run.

Compressors are generally noisy, so having one that will automatically shut down means that you can enjoy working in a quieter and more peaceful environment.


Some compressors are fitted with a tank while others come without. Generally, tankless compressors are much cheaper and ideal if you are on a budget.

However, aside from the cost, you need to consider the use before choosing between one of the above varieties.

While a tankless compressor will work continuously while you are using the airbrush, the pulsation may occur, and this can ruin your project.

Pulsation is rare, with units that are fitted with a tank.

However, these varieties tend to be much heavier and may not be ideal if you are concerned about weight.

On Silent Airbrush Compressor

Above are some of the best silent airbrush compressor(s) on the market.

These units are designed to work efficiently without producing too much-unwanted noise.

Don’t forget to read the buyer guide to ensure that you take into account the most essential features for you to have a compressor that meets your specific needs.


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