Soundproof Dog Crate: How to Make A Soundproof Dog Crate

In this guide, I will be guiding you step by step on how to soundproof dog crate.

To soundproof any space, you need to add specialized materials that absorb sound.

In the case of a dog crate, soundproofing involves lining or covering it with soundproofing material.

You may also consider placing the dog crate in a soundproof room. This way, dog noises will not be traveling through the floors and walls to your neighbors’ houses.

A soundproof crate will reduce the sound of the dog barking.

While it is not possible to completely silence the noise as this would make the dog uncomfortable, soundproofing helps eliminate echoes and reverberations.

Transforming a regular crate into a soundproof one is easy. Little effort is needed as long as you have the right material.

soundproof dog crate

Why Soundproof Dog Crate?

First, your dog will be more comfortable in a soundproof dog crate.

Since the crate will muffle sounds from fireworks and thunderstorms, the crate can be a safe place where the dog runs to when such noises happen.

When the dog is less anxious due to external noises, it will not bark as much.

A soundproof dog crate may be of immense help if you have a constant barking problem.

Other reasons why you consider soundproofing a dog crate include:

Soundproofing will reduce noise from the dog for you and the neighbors

Such a crate will help calm your pet and provide a safe place to run to in case of danger.

This crate helps reduce whining, barking, and the overall noise your dog produces.

A-List of Ways on How to Soundproof Dog Crate

Below are some of the tested and proven methods on how you can soundproof a dog crate.

However, before you start this DIY project, it’s important to note that you won’t need wholly soundproof the crate.

1. Using Dog Crate Covers

These covers are an inexpensive way of transforming a regular dog crate into a soundproof one. All you have to do is find the right size for your crate.

While you may find numerous covers in the market, it is always wise to do for those made explicitly for dog crates.

This is because dog crate covers are designed to be breathable and ensure the dog’s comfort.

The covers work to reduce the sounding entering and leaving the dog crate.

They are easy to remove and washable so you can effortlessly keep the dog’s space clean.

There are a few features that you should consider when shopping for dog crate covers. These include:


Machine washable


Allows light into the kennel

Search for different dog crate covers on Amazon and go for the option that matches your needs and falls within your budget.

2. Absorption Sheets

Absorbing sheets are also great for dog crate soundproofing, and the good thing is that they are also affordable.

These sheets work to reduce echoes and absorb high to mid-frequency sounds.

Mounting the absorption sheets on the dog crate is easy.

Even though this is a semi-permanent solution, it is excellent that you easily fix and remove the sheets from the crate.

You can choose to use the sheets around the crate or leave one area uncovered to ensure optimal ventilation.

3. Moving Blankets

You can opt to cover the dog crate using a moving blanket.

A moving blanket, unlike a regular one, will absorb the noise from the crate, insulate against outside noises, and still be comfortable enough for your dog.

However, be careful and ensure that the crate is well ventilated.

Your dog will make more noise when it gets too hot, and your efforts will be pointless.

Moving blankets are also easy to clean.

For a double effect, you can put a moving blanket to act as the dog bed and fold up the remaining bit to help with the soundproofing.

4. Soundproof the House

This mostly applies if your dog barking is becoming a nuisance for the neighbors.

It is common for dogs to become fussy and extra noisy when you are out.

If you have received several noise complaints from the neighbors, you should consider soundproofing your house in addition to the dog crate.

If you usually leave the dog in one room, you should focus on this room and the surrounding area.

You may need to consider soundproofing floor where the crate is placed, and this can be easily achieved by adding a heavy rug.

Get soundproofing panels for your walls, doors, and windows.

If you live in a storied apartment, do not forget to insulate the floor and ceiling so minimal noise will travel to the neighbors’ homes.

Soundproofing an entire house or even just one room is expensive when compared to just insulating the crate.

If you are working with a tight budget, go for soundproof curtains, block the doors and windows, there is little sound getting out, and ensure that your dog is as comfortable as possible.

Soundproof Dog Crate Challenges

There are several challenges that you will face in this project. They include:

Temperature problem

Adding extra layers on your dog crate will often make it hotter than usual.

Blankets are heavier than most soundproofing material, so you may want to go easy on them during those hot summer months.

If using blankets, ensure the dog crate is away from the radiator or a window that allows in much sunlight.

The last thing you want to do is make your dog uncomfortable, as this will only lead to more whining, not to mention the fact that too much heat may make your dog sick.

If possible, buy a soundproof dog crate designed with the dog’s overall comfort in mind.


The best soundproofing material is breathable.

Since materials explicitly made for the dog crates come with this feature, you have nothing to worry about.

However, you need to ensure that you do the soundproofing with optimal ventilation in mind.

Get the soundproofing covers in the right size and avoid putting too many layers of moving blankets on the crate.

If the dog crate is poorly ventilated, your dog will be more uncomfortable, which can only translate to increased noise and an irritable dog to come home to.


It is a wise idea to provide your dog with a dark and quiet room.

However, a blacked-out crate is not relaxing at all and may leave your dog confused, scared, and stressed.

Leave enough space for light from the room to seep through.

If covering the crate with a blanket, leave it in a bright room so your dog will not be scared, especially in your absence.

Final Thoughts on How to Soundproof Dog Crate

Above are some of the best methods on how to soundproof dog crate.

Whether you need to soundproof a dog kennel to reduce barking noise, make your anxious dog relax, or protect him from outside distractions, the above methods got you covered.

However, it’s essential to always take care when soundproofing a dog crate to ensure that you don’t expose your pet to the above-highlighted challenges.


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