Soundskins Review: The Brutal Truth About This Brand

Soundskins Review: Soundskins is an Australian brand established in 2015.

The company’s first product, SoundSkins Pro, was first sold in Australia.

After a few successful years within the country, the company expanded its operations to other countries.

Today, SoundSkins has close to 400 stores spread across the globe.

As it expanded beyond Australian borders, SoundSkins also added more products to its portfolio.

The company now has four products on the market commonly used to make car quieter inside  and also reduce wind noise.

Detailed Soundskins Review

1. SoundSkins Pro

The company’s first product, the SoundSkins Pro, works to reduce road noise.

Therefore, you can enjoy some peace in your vehicle and get enhanced stereo performance.

Additionally, it has three layers that work in different ways to enhance its sound deadening abilities.

The layers include acoustic foam, foil, and rubber butyl.

The key difference between the SoundSkins Pro and the Lite version is the foil layer.

The foil layer in the pro version enhances its sound-blocking abilities making it perfect for enjoying driving in total quiet.

The foam layer works as a thermal insulator in addition to absorbing sounds from the outside.

SoundSkins Pro can be installed on doors, roof, floor, and side panels.

2. SoundSkins Lite

This product is designed for car interiors, including panels, car doors, and floors.

It works to block road-noise, improve the stereo’s acoustic quality, and reduce vibrations.

The SoundSkins Lite is designed for car interior panels, doors, and floors.

Their design is simple, making them user-friendly.

However, they do not have a foil layer holding the Butyl rubber together.

While their sound-muffling abilities are not as advanced as the Pro version, they get the job done and are perfect if you are looking for a simple yet effective way to soundproof your car interiors.

3. SoundSkins Classic Bulk

The SoundSkins Classic Bulk works like traditional sound-deadening material, only that it is more efficient.

The product comes in rolls measuring 23.6 by 236 inches, and each roll covers an area of about 38.75 square feet.

Thanks to its size, the SoundSkins Classic Bulk features among the most oversized sound-deadening kits in the market.

4. Pro Door kit

This is another outstanding sound-deadening product specifically made with the car door in mind.

Just like the SoundSkins Pro, this product consists of foam, foil, and rubber-butyl layers.

The pro-Door kit also comes with a waterproof feature, not to mention the overall quality construction.

It comes in a roll-packed set to top it all, so installing it is easy even for beginners.

The product weighs just 6 pounds, so you do not have to worry about altering your car weight.

Dimensions are 79″ x 19″ inches, and this large sheet can cover up to 11 square feet.

With the adhesive on the butyl rubber side, installing the kit is easy, and the quality materials ensure that it lasts for many years.

Soundskins Review: How Much do you need?

Well, this depends on your budget.

If you are not working with a budget, you can install the SoundSkin in the entire car cabin.

However, if you are on a tight budget, use the Sound Skins on the doors and any other areas inside the car where speakers are installed.

What Makes SoundSkins Products stand out?

Soundskins Review

There are many reasons why SoundSkins products have taken the car soundproofing market by storm. These include:


The sound skin’s thickness is among the most important factors to consider when you go shopping.

In most cases, the thicker the material is, the better.

SoundSkins products are quite thick compared to similar products in the market.

They also come in multiple layers providing adequate soundproofing to suit most car owners’ needs.

All SoundSkins products deliver as promised, and there are enough reviews to show that this is true.

When installed right, these products do a great job of blocking and absorbing unwanted noise, ensuring the driver can enjoy quiet and enhanced concentration on the road.

All the products are heat resistant and waterproof.

This can only mean that they are durable and not affected by the elements in case your car interiors get exposed.

Easy to use

All the products are user friendly and perfect for beginners.

If you have not installed soundproofing material in your car before, you have nothing to worry about.

Just remove all seats, headliner, carpeting, and door panels and give your car a thorough wash before installing the sound skins.

Once the car is sparkling clean, cut the sound skins to desired shapes, peal, and stick them inside the car.

The entire soundproofing process can be completed in an hour or less, and the sound skins will serve you well for many years.

Since the adhesive on the sound skins is high in quality, you do not need more to stick them on different surfaces.

Imagine how easy it is just to cut the skins, peel, and stick them on desired areas without requiring extra tools or materials.


SoundSkins has a product to match every inch of your car.

Whether you are looking to only soundproof the door or the car floors, you are sure to find a product suited for these parts.

Since SoundSkin products are not asphalt-based, they can be used in all weather conditions. You can be sure the SoundSkins will not be melting in the summer or have to endure the bad smell emitted by asphalt products.

SoundSkins products work to absorb and block sounds, which adds to their effectiveness. Whether you want to block sounds from outside or deaden the noise coming from inside the vehicle, these products will deliver the results you are looking for.


We all want to invest in a product that will serve us well today and stand the test of time. SoundSkins products are known for their durability and solid construction.

Many factors contribute to their durability. First, there are high-quality materials and multiple layers.

Since the skins are made using heat-resistant and waterproof materials, there is no risk of incurring losses when the car interiors are exposed to water or extreme heat.

SoundSkins vs. Dynamat

These are the two leading manufacturers of sound skins in the market. They are both known for their high quality, durable, and effective products.

Dynamat has been in operation for over three decades and offers a wide range of products.

The company has been consistent in providing car owners what they are looking for as far as car soundproofing is concerned.

SoundSkin has been in operation since 2015. However, within a short time, the brand has made a name for itself in the market thanks to its highly innovative products.

Unlike Dynamat, SoundSkins products come with a foil layer that absorbs sounds.

This is in addition to the sound-blocking butyl rubber and acoustic foam layers.

SoundSkins products are also more favorable for DYI enthusiasts. Since they are simply a peel-and-install solution, no expertise is needed to fit them in your car.

The SoundSkins brand beats Dynamat, hands down when it comes to ease of use.

In comparison, the brand has fewer products; the market offers unrivaled service in car soundproofing.

Final thoughts on Soundskins Review

Having read the above detailed soundskins review, you now have the most information about these sound-deadening materials.

These materials are affordable and user friendly even for beginners, unlike the dynamat or kilmat.

The product boasts its effectiveness, reliability, and a high quality


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