Speakers Making Noise When Car Is Off: 7 Easy Fixes

Are your speakers making noise when the car is off? While this problem is unusual, it’s not unlikely.

There are a few reasons why this could be happening depending on your speaker’s setup.

Once you identify the source of the problem, it becomes easy to resolve it.

Below we discuss the ways to noise speaker problems without having to engage a mechanic.

We will also go over solutions that you can use if you ever find yourself in this situation.

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Causes of Speakers Making Noise When Car is Off

Below are the main causes that make speakers to make noise when the car ignition is off. They include:

Electrical interference

Interference can be caused by mobile phones, power cables, and devices connected to the car’s USB port.

Any device that generates an electric field can cause electrical interference.

While the interference occurs with most devices, it is not often strong enough to cause noise when the engine is off.

However, don’t be surprised to discover that the power lines are the ones leading to noisy speakers.

Before considering internal sources, first, consider the external ones that could be affecting your speakers.

Once you rule all of them out, you can start looking inside the car.

The radio is still receiving power

One of the reasons the speaker could be making noise when the car is off is that the radio still has access to power.

If you can operate your radio even when the key if off the ignition, the only explanation is that the radio is still powered.

Speakers Making Noise When Car Is Off

Poor wiring

If low-quality wires are used to connect the radio and speakers, strange noises may become an issue.

The same will happen if the wires are old and worn out.

The problem is most noticeable if your receiver has a constant power supply.

These noises will be quite loud even when the engine is not running.

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Poor Grounding

Poor grounding leads to a lot of static noise.

If you never want to deal with such an issue, only use thick wires for grounding and ensure that they are correctly fitted.

It is important to remember that poor grounding will only become apparent when the engine is off.

If you can still hear the noise while driving, then the grounding is okay.

Speakers Making Noise When Car is Off Fixes

You first need to establish which one of the above is the problem.

Is it the poor grounding or wiring? Are you dealing with an electric issue or a case of poor-quality accessories?

Below is a simple diagnostic process

1. Check The Patch Cables For Damages

Patch cables wear out fast, so do not be surprised to come across a damaged one.

You will need to remove every cable and insert a high-end cable to see which one is causing the noise.

Fortunately, patch cables cost just a few bucks, and fixing them is just as easy, so you will not need to involve a professional.

Be sure to buy high-quality patch cables as the low-quality ones can still make noise even when they are working properly.

2. Check The Shielding/Wiring

To check if the shielding is the problem, you have to remove the speaker wires from the amplifier. Listen for any sound from the speakers.

Next, remove the receiver from your dashboard when the stereo is still on.

Can you hear any static or hissing now?

Use magnetic shielding foil on the shielding wires if you identify them as the problem.

This foil also works great when you put it around the stereo before fitting it in your dashboard.

If the amplifier is new, it is likely that it is poorly installed.

Have a mechanic check the installation and ensure that it is not hitting against the car chassis.

3. Check For Alternator And Battery Issues

If the noise is coming from the engine, it’s likely that the alternator is faulty and needs replacement.

You can tell when the alternator is the problem because the noise increases with your driving speed.

Your car battery may also produce electrical impulses.

When this happens, your speakers will pick those impulses hence the noise even when the engine is off.

If you have battery issues, the best solution is to replace it.

Try to fill the battery with its liquid and rectify any damages to the connections before replacing the battery.

For the alternator, you are better off letting a mechanic decide whether they are the problem.

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5. Rectify the grounding issues

The longest grounding wire should be 18-inches. Anything longer than that will cause noises.

The grounding wire should also be thick. A thin grounding wire may cause the speakers to hiss.

With proper grounding, all-electric system noises can be rectified.

Get a mechanic to fix the Three Upgrade System to resolve electric issues and ensure that you enjoy improved system signals.

Speakers Making Noise When Car Is Off

6. Fix the antennae lead

If you notice that the noise is only coming from the radio, the antennae lead is likely the problem.

Try to unplug it and see whether the noise will go away.

In case of static, when the antennae lead is unplugged, use an antennae noise suppressant.

The suppressant cuts the connection between the receiver and antennae, so there is no more static.

When this connection is cut, the antennae will stop interfering with the sound system, including the speakers.

You can easily buy one of these suppressants on Amazon or ask your mechanic for guidance on where to source a good quality piece.

If you choose to order online, first check customer reviews and go for the highly-rated varieties.

On Speakers Making Noise When Car is Off

These are some of the reasons for speakers making noise when the car is off.

Go through the list if you are experiencing speaker noises for tips on how to identify the problem.

If you are not sure about any of these steps, just let the mechanic handle the noise issue.

The problem could be a simple faulty wire or something as serious as engine problems.

Once you have established that the noise problem is inside and not outside your vehicle, you can choose to engage a mechanic to diagnose the problem and offer solutions.

You will save on time and get more solutions than you ever thought possible.

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