Top 21 Ways on How to Stop a Bed from Squeaking in 2022

Everyone deserves a quiet and uninterrupted sleep. When you sleep in a calm environment, you get restful sleep and wake up re-energized and ready to start your day.

However, noise coming from a squeaky bed can interrupt your sleep and inhibit you from restful sleep.

Imagine every time you turn or toss on the bed, and it squeaks; that can be not very pleasant. The unwanted noise is really bad and can frustrate you overnight.

So, it would be best to fix your noisy bed immediately you notice the squeaking before it becomes a bother.

Is your bed interrupting your sleep cycle, and do you want to fix it soonest possible?

This article will help you learn how to stop a bed from squeaking.

Why Does Your Bed Squeak?

Over some time, your bed can start squeaking due to tear and wear. If your bed is squeaking, the first step is locating the source of the noise.

To achieve this, you will need to do some trials and error methods until you figure out the spot of the noise. By so doing, it will be easier for you to know exactly the issue you are solving.

Your bed could be squeaking because of the following different reasons.

A Squeaky Mattress. If you doubt your mattress could be causing the squeak, remove it from the bed and put it on the floor.

Rollover it, and if it squeaks, it’s the one causing the noise.

Alternatively, you can push and move around the different sections of the mattress to determine the exact squeaking spot. It could be right below where you sleep or in other corners of your mattress.

A Squeaky Box Spring- The springs wear out with time and get noisier as time goes by. However, it might not cause squeaking to some beds, especially those without the box spring.

So, if the mattress did not cause the squeaking, you should check the box spring if your bed has any.

If you don’t want the trouble of a squeaky box spring, you can instead use a platform bed frame that has an in-built foundation that uses a sturdy base.

Squeaky Bed Frame. Warped wood pieces or loose bolts are often the primary cause of squeaky bed frames.

If the bolts of your bed frame become loose, the frame gets unsteady while changing in humidity or stain of water might lead the wooden frame to twist or bend slightly.

Therefore, if you could not figure out the cause of squeaking in your box spring or mattress, it is likely caused by your bed frame.

How to Stop a Wooden Bed Frame from Squeaking

Wooden bed frames are beautiful; however, sometimes they squeak when you try tossing or shifting on your mattress.

If your wooden bed is squeaking, here are some tips to stop the noise;

Rotate the Mattress

Sometimes, the squeaky noise could be resulting from the mattress. So, the first you can do to solve this issue is to rotate your mattress such that you sleep your head where the feet used to be.

It might sound petty, but it does work. When you distribute the body weight evenly, it helps the mattress live longer.

The weak parts of the mattress are the ones your body presses on. If using a spring mattress, the parts will wear out and start squeaking. So, rotating the mattress will help stop the squeaking.

How to Stop a Bed from Squeaking

Tighten the Bolts or Screws

If your bed moves around when your try rocking it, the noise is as a result of the wooden panels rub against each other.

Fortunately, it is easy to solve the issue once you figure out where the noise is coming from by tightening the loose parts.

Lubricate the Screws

When you experience resistance when tightening the screws, you can use a lubricant to smooth things over.

In this case, you can use WD-40, or if you can’t get one at the moment, you can use candle wax or rub a block of dry bar soap on it.

They work just fine but don’t provide a lasting solution.

Apply Beeswax on the Wooden Parts

If you trace where the noise is coming from, disassemble it to get the parts rubbing against each other, then lubricate them with the beeswax.

Alternatively, you can use candle wax or rub a dry piece of soap.

Replace the Screws or Bolts

If the screws are causing squeaky noise, they could be rusted and not function properly. Therefore, it is advisable to remove them and replace them with new ones.

At the same time, you can rub the wood under the side braces with beeswax and add new washers.

Replace the Metal Washers

Washers help to separate the screw or bolts from the wood. Metal washers accompany most fasteners.

When metals rub against each other or wood, they disturb your calm sleep.

Therefore, instead of using metal washers, you can replace them with nylon or rubber washers which are flexible and calmer.

Oil the Box Spring

If you have a box spring, you can rotate it for about 180 degrees to ensure you don’t put pressure on the same location when you sleep.

You can also spray lubricant in the box spring by opening it’s the bottom layer of the box spring. Ensure you hit all the corners where the wooden parts meet. Once you finish up, sew the fabric you opened earlier to close the box spring back.

Replace the Box Spring

If you cannot fix the box spring, you can change it. A new box spring will probably be quiet and not squeak.

You can get box springs in wood or metals, and you choose your preferred height and size.

Box springs are useful in preventing your mattress from sagging.

Alternatively, you can choose to put an old blanket or a rug between the bed frame and the mattress. It will protect your mattress from damages because it will be against the bottom surface.

If you are sleeping in a guest or hotel bed, fix the issue temporarily by padding the slats with a cloth.

Stuff the Bed Frame Gaps

If you notice gaps in the bed frame even after fastening the bolts or your screws, you can stuff them. Also, if you don’t see any gaps, pad the areas where the woods meet.

The material stuffed prevents the wood from rubbing against each other.

You can also put cork strips between the wood panels before bolting them back together.

Get a Quiet Wooden Bed Frame

If, after trying everything, your bed is still squeaking, it is about time you get a new one!

If the squeaking noise irritates you and disturbs your sleep, I’m sure you will not mind replacing it.

Having a calm and restful sleep is vital, and you deserve it.

How to Stop a Bed from Squeaking

Replace Your Mattress

If your bed frame is still squeaking after rotating your mattress, it is your turn to replace your mattress with a new one.

In this regard, if you want a durable and comfortable mattress, get a latex or foam mattress

How to Stop a Metal Bed Frame from Squeaking

Metal beds are durable and stylish.

However, if your metal bed squeaks, it will deprive you of good sleep. So, it is crucial to fix it immediately it starts squeaking.

Here is how to stop a metal bed frame from squeaking;

Use Lubricants

As metal parts age, they rust or become corroded; therefore, one of the best methods of treating them is lubricants.

Whether the squeaking is from the box spring, the bed’s mattress, bed frame, or the joints holding the parts together, lubricating them will help.

In this regard, it would be best to get a versatile lubricant like WD-40 to help in getting rid of the noise.

WD-40 is great because it works on any metal surface, the springs, or other parts holding the bed together.

Wax On

If you don’t have any lubricant at hand, you can use some wax like candles wax.

When you apply wax on the affected or squeaky parts, it is likely to impact the same way as WD-40 and other professional lubricants.

However, it is important to note that wax is not stopping squeaking professionally, so it will only be a temporary solution.

Also, ensure you use more layers of wax for its effectiveness.

Tighten the Loose Joints

While most times, the squeaking could be because of worn-out metal joints, sometimes it could be because the joints are just loose.

So, it is best to inspect your bed carefully and know exactly the ones that require tightening. Check all the bolts on your bed and make sure to tighten them.

If this procedure is hard for you, try adding a washer between the bolt and the bed frame; it will help the bolt fit more and silence the noisy joints.

Get a New Box Spring

If your box spring has a fault and is the cause of squeaking and you are having trouble fixing it, get a new one for replacement.

Here, you will need to ensure the box spring you buy fits the size of your mattress.

Add More Padding

A squeaky bed can be uncomfortable, worse still if it is hard to sleep comfortably.

To help solve the two issues, you can add extra padding.

You can get a lasting solution by buying foam bed padding.

Alternatively, if you don’t want to spend some bucks, you can get the older expandable clothes like t-shirts and socks and use them for padding.

The clothes are soft, and if you spread them evenly to avoid making lumps, they will give the comfort of padding you require.

Please note that you place the padding between your mattress and the bed frame.

Get New Metal Washers

If they do not have an issue after inspecting the frame, springs, joints, and all metal parts, consider checking the washers.

Since the washers keep the joints together, they could be the problem, so take them off and replace them with new ones.

Replace the Bed Frame

If you realize the bed frame is the one causing your bed to squeak, get a new one.

Before buying a new bed frame, consider these factors;

  • Put the size of your mattress into account; ensure the new bed frame will properly fit with your mattress.
  • Ensure the bed frame will fit your room without brushing against the wall.
  • Make sure the new bed frame matches your room décor.

Rotate Your Mattress

If you have inspected the bed frame thoroughly and have not figured out the problem yet, it would be best to check the mattress.

The mattress could cause the problem, and rotating it can solve your problem.

It is best to be rotating your mattress more often because failure to rotate it could cause wearing out on the same spot and cause the springs to wear out too.

Sleeping on the same spot causes the bed to be hard and uncomfortable and makes the springs noisy and squeaky. Thus, rotating your mattress often could save you the noise.

Use Furniture Pads

Check the feet if you have inspected your bed keenly and still have not found the problem.

The sound of the metals rubbing against the floor could cause squeaking. In this regard, try using furniture pads to stop your bed from squeaking.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why Does My Bed Squeak When I Move?

All beds make squeaking sounds whether they are made of metal or wood. This is because they all have joints which rub against each other as they become loose over time. The friction as a result of the bed frame joints as they rub against each other is what causes your bed to squeak.

Do Wooden Beds Squeak?

Yes, wooden beds squeak. But they squeak less than metal beds which make a screeching sound. Solid wooden beds squeak because as a result of joints rubbing against the metallic bolts that connect the joints.

Final Thoughts on Bed Squeaking

Sleeping on a noisy bed is frustrating. It is nearly impossible to have a good sleep if when you toss or turn in your bed, the bed squeaks loudly, interrupting your rest.

If your bed currently squeaks, I hope this article was helpful enough to guide you on how to stop a bed from squeaking.

There are several causes for the noise. Although it can be challenging to find the source of the squeaks, when you figure out exactly where the noise is coming from, it helps you solve the problem with much ease.

Fortunately, if you follow all the tips above, you will figure out the source of the squeaking and fix it without much trouble.


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