Xbox One Fans Loud: How to Know If Xbox One X Fans Too Loud

There have been complaints on Xbox one fans loud despite their ability to offer some of the market’s best graphics.

The common cause of the noise is the high temperature generated on the motherboard.

Xbox fan functions by redirecting the heat away from the motherboard to the outside.

As the heat increases, the fan compensates by running faster to drive out the excess heat.

This sound can be annoying both to the gamer and the people in the house.

Why Are The Xbox One Fans Loud?

The Xbox one comes with inbuilt cooling hardware that is supposed to keep the console cool when it is in use.

However, during prolonged and intense usage, the internal fan has to work harder to do its job.

If the fan has malfunctioned, it may also make more noise than usual. The same applies if something is preventing the fan from working efficiently, such as dirt and debris.

While the fan is necessary for the longevity of the Xbox One console, the noise it produces can be annoying at times.

How to Reduce the Xbox One loud fan

Xbox One Fans Loud

1. Move the console to a cooler location

Moving your Xbox One to a cooler location can make a huge difference where the fan noise is concerned.

This solution is highly effective since the only reason why the fan is overworking is to prevent the Xbox console from overheating.

When placed on a cool surface, overheating will be minimal, and the fan will effortlessly keep your console within the desired temperature.

Consider an area with open circulation and ventilation such as a table or an open shelf.

Please do not put anything on the Xbox One console as this could hinder air circulation.

Put it on a surface where there is no clutter or any objects that may prevent the fan from working optimally.

2. Place the console in another room

If you have a spare room, how about placing your console there so you do not hear the loud fan when playing.

The only thing you would need to invest in is longer cables.

Depending on the distance, find a cable that will adequately cover the room’s distance, where the console is placed, and where you are playing from.

3. Clean the Xbox One System

A build-up in dirt and debris may be the reason why the fan is overworking. Since these materials block the vents, the fan is forced to work harder, resulting in the noise.

When compressed air is introduced to the Xbox console’s cooling paths, it clears the dust and debris, leaving your gadget spotless.

A clean Xbox will be much quieter and run more efficiently.

When not in use, put the console away instead of leaving it in the open, where it collects dirt and debris.

4. Use noise-canceling headphones

If the Xbox One fan noise is only a bother to you, you should consider getting some noise-canceling headphones.

This way, you can stay focused on your game without all that distraction from the fan.

The only downside is that the headphones will only work for you.

If the Xbox noise is a bother to the rest of the household, you should consider a more family-friendly solution.

Increase your TV volume

This is not a good option, but if another noise is the only way to cancel the annoying fan noise, increasing your TV volume may not be such a bad idea.

However, you will still need to find out why your Xbox One is making too much fan noise and get a solution before it is too late.

A malfunctioned fan means doom for your console, and ignoring the problem may be much costly in the long run.

5. Get a Quiet fan

If you have had your Xbox One console for a while, you should consider replacing the fan if you experience a noise problem.

The process is straightforward, and you can do it yourself with just a few essential tools.

Just ensure that you purchase the right fan for your Xbox one.

Fortunately, you can order this part online and have it delivered to your doorstep.

Xbox one fans loud

Below is a guide on how to replace the Xbox One console fan

  • Peel off the evident tape and use any plastic opening equipment to remove the plastic vent. Slide the plastic backward to remove the plastic vent.
  • Open the case consisting of the halves using a spudger and a little force.
  • Use the plastic opening instrument to disconnect the clip holding the cases.

Keep moving the Xbox One’s backside to keep the clips moving and prevent the console from shutting down.

  • Once the clip gets to the edge, lift the upper case to expose the loop that holds the connector.

Use tweezers to pull the connector cable and detach the console’s upper case.

  • Gently disconnect the connector from the panel and detach the antenna cable.
  • Unscrew the wifi table and shift it to the side
  • Remove the screws on the console’s upper metal box and lift the case. Do not remove the case.
  • Disconnect the wifi cable, the data cables, and the hard drive from the motherboard.
  • Lift and remove the hard drive. Also, ensure that the optimal drive power is detached from the motherboard.
  • Detach the motherboard’s fan cable and use your plastic opening tool to pry the clip to the right open.
  • Use the spudger to detach the fan from the sink and remove it.
  • Once the fan is out, install the new one and reconnect all the parts you detached before testing and closing your Xbox One console.

6. Go to an Xbox expert

If none of the DIY tips are working, you should consider talking to experts.

This also applies if you are thinking of installing a new fan and think the process is too complicated for you.

An experienced technician will inspect the console and know whether a thorough clean is all you need to enjoy a quiet Xbox One.

Do a quick search on Xbox repair experts within your area and go for the one you think is best to handle your console.

Remember to check the customer reviews and charges so you know what you are getting into before visiting the experts.

For old Xbox One consoles, you are better off with a new one as repairing all worn out parts may be expensive.

Fortunately, these gadgets are built to last, and as long as you have been taking good care of yours, you can expect years of exemplary gaming with your Xbox One.

Final thoughts Xbox one fans loud

Now you know the tips to reduce the noise produced if your Xbox one fans is loud.

Begin with the basic tricks before going to the complex ones.

If you try all the tricks by yourself and there is no change, consider taking it to an expert.

However, note that your Xbox one needs proper maintenance and regular cleaning for good functioning.


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