Xbox One Making High Pitch Noise: Actionable DIY Fixes

Is your Xbox one making high pitch noise? If that’s the case, then I have compiled a detailed guide that will help you fix it in no time.

Several causes of Xbox noise and fixing each will highly depend on the part causing the noise problem.

Xbox One Controller Making High Pitched Noise

This might be a loose connection in the headset jack, which allows sound to be sent from the controller into your ear when using headphones.

Try cleaning that area with compressed air, then check the headphone cable on the controller for any tears or breaks in its outer insulation.

If you find anything, try repairing it with heat shrink tubing before plugging it back in.

Try using a different controller or headphones to determine if any of those products are faulty.

Your controller may be suffering from a faulty trigger or bumper potentiometers.

You’ll need to open the controller up and examine these components before doing anything else – there are guides online that will show you what they look like when they’re broken.

A broken trigger or bumper potentiometer can cause an increasingly familiar high-pitched electronic whine.

How to Fix Xbox One Making High Pitch Noise

There are different methods on how to fix Xbox one, making high pitch noise.

It’s important to note that these DIY hacks are similar to those I shared on fixing a noisy computer.

Let’s get started

1. A Cooler Location for your X-Box

Overheating is the leading cause of X-Box and PlayStation 4 noise.

The Xbox may start off quiet but get noisier when the game’s thrill is at its peak.

Like other electronics, the Xbox is designed to regulate its temperature levels.

This way, sensitive internals are protected against heat damage.

The hotter it gets, the harder the fans work to keep it cool.

Xbox One Making High Pitch Noise

When left unchecked, the fans can get annoyingly loud.

By moving it to a cooler location, you can considerably reduce the fans’ work to keep the gaming console quiet.

Place the console on a table or a shelf with plenty of air circulation.

Ensure that nothing is placed on top of the console or anywhere else that may hinder proper air circulation.

Better still, you can buy an X-Box stand for your console.

One of my most recommended stands is the Microsoft Xbox Stand, available online today.

Since the stand comes with an inbuilt fan, overheating seizes to become a problem.

2. Regularly Clean the Xbox Console

Dust accumulation could also be a reason why the Xbox One is noisy.

The dust buildup may block the fan’s cooling paths preventing proper cooling.

The fan must spin faster than normal To keep the temperatures regulated, resulting in fan noise.

Try cleaning out the dust and see whether the noise levels will go down.

You do not need to open up the X-Box to clean it.

Use compressed air and a microfiber cloth to get rid of the dust.

When wiping the dust from the console sides, be careful not to push it inside the X-Box’s ports.

Also, use a small nozzle to blow compressed air inside the console.

You can also go with a deep clean that involves opening up the Xbox and targeting the fans. Let a professional handle the deep clean if you do not know your way inside an Xbox or you do not have the right tools to open it up.

Once the console has been cleaned, please place it in a less dusty area.

Avoid covering the console when in use since reduced air circulation will cause more harm than good.

When the Xbox is not in use, store it in a lockable drawer or get some dust-proof covers for the console.

You should also include regular cleaning into your Xbox maintenance routine.

3. Replace Worn-Out Fans

If the fans are still noisy after a thorough clean, you should consider getting them replaced.

Just like in the case of deep cleaning, let a professional handle this.

Be sure to get the best fans to match your console.

The fans should get the job done and run quietly, so you cannot be distracted when enjoying your game.

You should also request the professionals to fix anything else that is broken inside the console.

With well-functioning parts, your console will work more efficiently and serve you for longer.

4. Ditch CD Drive and Install Games on Console

After handing the fans issue, you need to consider other parts that make noise when the Xbox is on.

The rotating CD in your Xbox makes a lot of noise.

When you start a game, the CD rotations may result in high pitched unpleasant noise.

To solve this problem, choose to install the games directly to the console.

Ensure that you play from the system and not the CD still inserted in the Xbox.

If you do this, that annoying spinning and buzzing sound will be gone.

It would also be wise to remove the CD and store it elsewhere so that you do not forget and play from it by mistake.

Xbox One Making High Pitch Noise

5. Buy Noise Cancelling Earphone

This only works if you stay alone or have a separate room where you play from.

You can wear noise-canceling earphones whenever you want to eliminate the noise and only focus on the game.

The earphones also bring focus close to your ears, so the games are sure to be more intense.

Since most, if not all noise-canceling earphones come with a microphone, you can still easily communicate with your playmates.

On the downside, anyone not included in the gaming will still hear the noise.

If you play in the sitting room, the rest of your family will most likely hear the annoying noise, and it doesn’t make sense for them to wear earphones every time you play.

Please remember that noise-canceling earphones are not created equal.

Some perform better than others, and you have to take time when shopping to ensure that you buy nothing but the best.

If you have no clue where to start shopping, check customer reviews online and settle for the earphones with the most positive reviews.

6. Get A Quieter Power Adapter

Yet another simple yet effective solution. Since power adapters do not cost much, it is also a perfect solution if you are on a tight budget.

Some power adapters run quietly and still ensure that your X-Box has an adequate power supply.

Just remember to get the right match for your console.

7. Place the X-Box Console in Another room

This might sound weird, but placing the XBOX in another room can help solve the noise problem.

The only problem with this solution is that you will need to factor in the cabling.

The cables that came with your X-Box are too short, which means you have to buy some bale extensions.

The length will depend on the distance between the room you plan to place the console and the area you will be playing.

If you choose this method, ensure that you do not leave cables lying on the floors for your own safety.

You should also consider buying cable covers to hide those unsightly cables and prevent accidental contact with them.

Even when placing your console in another room, it helps place it on a surface with proper air circulation.

You have to do everything possible to prevent overworking your console or overheating it, as this can cause extensive damage.

Final thoughts on Xbox One Making High Pitch Noise

Above are some of my recommended hacks on fixing Xbox one making high pitch noise.

These are simple and yet useful hacks that will work 99% of the time.

However, it’s important to note that dust accumulation is the primary culprit, resulting in the fan spinning more to help regulate internal temperatures.


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